Blooming Tissue Box Covers – Blue Room Project #7


Project #7 for the Blue Room – an extra bedroom we recently remodeled and decorated in a blue palette – is a tissue box cover.

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Our bedrooms, including this one, are often used for foreign exchange students. We try to have a box of tissues in each room. I decided it was time to cover them! Fortunately, on the CT website, there is a free pattern by Susan Terpin called Blooming Tissue Box Covers.

I chose three fabrics from my stash to coordinate with a lamp for the newly remodeled room done in a blue palette. 3941 Solid Persian Blue from our Quilter’s Candy Basics matched the new lamp well so I used it for the flange and binding.

The assembly is quick, easy, and follows the Blooming Tissue Box Covers pattern. I would change two things in pattern:

  • Sew the flange seam at 3/8″ (a 1/2″ seam made a flange that was too narrow compared to the binding) OR make the flange 1-3/4″ so the flange matches the binding size more.
  • Cut D for bottom binding at 2″ x WOFQ instead of 19″ so one end of the binding can be tucked into the other to close OR put bottom binding on when top binding is added so the ends can be sewn in the side seam.


After sewing the side seam, squares are cut out of the bottom to create the gusset that forms the top of the tissue box.


A little pinning and sewing and…


one has a useful and attractive tissue box cover. It is sitting in the sewing room with the new lamp and Project #6 QAYG Table Topper.


Finally, it arrives in the new Blue Room!


Once I made one, I decided to make four more! I chose fabrics to match the color palettes in each room.

Here are some more construction photos – I chain-pieced them and they went quickly.


Pinning on the bottom binding.



So, here are the five Blooming Tissue Box Covers with their fabrics and/or the rooms they now decorate.

I am planning to redo the living room using some fabrics from the Golden Age collection.


I found a sampler of Asian-inspired fat quarters from years ago in my stash.


The black and red palette metallic fabrics coordinate with the Color Play wall hanging …


and a bed cover made from upholstery fabrics and Minkee in another bedroom.




I made two Blooming Tissue Box Covers from fabrics leftover from projects using Japanese taupes in a neutral palette. One went in a another bedroom for foreign exchange students and sits on the Mini Twister Mini Quilt.



The other one went in my son’s room to go with the Arbor Window quilt and pillow shams I finally finished for him – seen on the nightstand in the corner.


These Blooming Tissue Box Covers are fun, quick projects and great for gifts. I am sure our college-aged son and foreign exchange students – usually young men – will appreciate how lovely they are! 🙂


  1. Barb - May 11, 2016

    Love how these look, and thanks for the quick tour! Makes me want to set aside my current project to do a few of these.

    • Ann - May 12, 2016

      Thanks Barb! They are quick and easy – especially with chain-piecing. It is usually a good idea to make one first – I was glad I did because of the changes I recommended in the blog – but after that you can make a few a time. Enjoy!

  2. Lynn Patch - May 11, 2016

    your tissue boxs

    • Ann - May 12, 2016

      Thanks Lynn! I am enjoying them too. I forgot to make one for my husband’s side of the bed so I guess I will be making at least one more.

  3. Marilyn Lessner - May 11, 2016

    I’ve been following all of your beautiful projects for your BLUE room and I love them all. But you hit the spot with this quick and easy tissue box cover! I’ve found my next gift project to use up lots of my fabric stash. Lots of friends will get one this next Christmas!

    Thanks, Ann, for sharing!

    • Ann - May 12, 2016

      Thanks Marilyn! These tissue boxes would make quick, inexpensive, pretty, and useful gifts. Just find three coordinating fabrics for each one and you are good to go. I forgot to mention in the blog that fusible fleece works well for this project. One of the packages we sell on CT would make a few. Lucky friends!

  4. Kathy Potts - May 13, 2016

    Thanks for this cute pattern! Now I know what to make for family and friends for Christmas this year!!

    • Ann - May 16, 2016

      Thanks Kathy! I think they would be great gifts – pretty and useful. So inexpensive and quick, you can make a lot of them. Enjoy!

  5. Becky Schultz - May 13, 2016

    I agree…what a great gift to give. All of the examples above are inspiring (of course it’s all about the fabric :D)

    • Ann - May 16, 2016

      Thanks Becky! Yes, it is all about the fabric. Fortunately, it only takes three coordinating fabrics to make each one. Chain-piecing makes it easy to make a lot of them. I had fun picking the fabrics for each one. Hope you enjoy it too.

  6. Linda Christianson - May 14, 2016

    Love the blue table runner. Now that could be a neat show piece. What batting did you use in the tissue cover? I have been thinking about getting some soft and stable batting, but not sure if it too much padding. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do.