The Jungle Things Fold & Go Art Kit


I had the pleasure of sewing up the Fold & Go Art Kit, designed by Fishsticks Designs for photography for the Connecting Threads catalog. I know this art kit is the perfect accessory for my daughter, Ella, who is a creative five-year old and loves to draw all the time.


Now instead of bringing along a plastic bag with paper and crayons inside into the car, we bring the Fold & Go Art Kit. It’s so cute even the server at the restaurant asked where we bought it! I told the server I sewed it out of quilting cotton. Ella loves it too, she tells me, “Okay mom but don’t forget to bring my art kit so I don’t get bored.”

This pattern sewed up quite nicely! I used fabrics from Jungle Things collection paired with the rainbow fabrics from our Quilter’s Candy Fabric Collection . The straps are just the perfect size to carry, and the sewn pocket holds a full-sized coloring book or other word-game booklet. I love Sue Marsh’s fabric designs; specifically her Animal Menagerie print!

Jungle Things

#7781 Animal Menagerie White


This kit would make the perfect gift for the little one in your life!