Teddy & Frosty Gift Tags

I’m a sucker for tags…all sorts of tags.  So when I saw the Teddy and Frosty Gift Tags Pattern Download by Sipiweske Quilt Designs I fell in love.  They are incredibly adorable and several people in the office have been eyeing them, so I have to be on guard to make sure they don’t mysteriously disappear!

These both just require small amounts of flannel and batting so you probably have what you need in your scrap basket.  I used scraps from a quilt I made out of our new Big Sky Lodge Flannels for the scarfs and poles.  Once the fusible is on and they are cut out there are some little pieces to arrange but the Applique Pressing Sheet is a huge help for this kind of thing. For me it is an indispensable tool.

I took some pictures to show how slick it works:

Because the patterns were already reversed for applique I turned my paper over and traced a dark line around the shapes so I could see them.  Then I placed the Applique Pressing Sheet over the outline and layered the items.  I started with the pole then added the sign and the hand, ironing the pieces directly to the sheet.  Then I just moved the sheet over and layered the scarf pieces and the body.  Next I gently peeled up the sign/hand layers and positioned them on the body using the pole and sign outlines to help me get them in the correct position.  After ironing again I let it cool off,  peeled it up as one unit, and ironed it onto my background, which was batting in this case.  (You do have to be gentle when peeling the smaller pieces so they don’t pull apart.) 
Once each unit was complete, I stitched the face details and the “Snow” on the sign by hand. All of the other stitching was done by machine using either a small zigzag or small blanket stitch. I chose to fuse the backing fabric on after all the stitching was complete so it would be hidden.

Add some ribbon and these would be great package tie-ons or even ornaments.  You could also write a note on the back and mail them off as a holiday greeting. I think I’m going to hang mine in my cube so I can see them every day…they just make me smile.


  1. Stephanie - October 29, 2012


  2. B J Elder - October 29, 2012

    Those are SO CUTE!!!!! I can see why you have to keep an eye on them at the office. What a great project.

  3. Kim Putnam - October 29, 2012

    Very cute !!!

  4. Laraine - October 31, 2012

    Thanks for the kind comments. They were a lot of fun to make.