Techi Book Cover

Techi 2 Image

Project 10 from the book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty is our Techi Book Cover found on page 18. It is shown with a Mini IPad (not included). Love this cover to protect the front and back of the pad! What I love about it is that you can tailor it to the personality of the pad owner! What a great gift!

Patriotic Minis

The Techi Book Cover is made from the Patriotic Minis Collection by Winthur. Patriotic fabrics are one of my favorites and I especially love the small ditsy prints found in this collection!

Techi 1 Image

The semi-hard cover comes from using a heavy craft stabilizer that not only protects the pad, but render’s it a good, safe grasp which is ideal for fragile items.

Techi 3 Image

The front of the cover is designed for fussy cutting a special motif if desired. I personally love the flag print, however, for a teen who adores a special idol or saying, this is the perfect place to adapt the cover to the gift recipient.

Techi 4 Image