Take a stroll through the French Quarter with Tulane

Can you say Va Va Voom!?!  I absolutely love this Tulane collection with its bold greens and teals, mixed in with its darker, sophisticated blues and maroons. The prints in this collection remind us of taking an evening stroll down Bourbon Street — they’re just so elegant and romantic. 

Not only does this collection look amazing in quilts, it’s also a fantastic choice for curtains, throw pillows, kitchen accessories, and more.  The fabric works so beautifully with solids, adding just the right amount of flair to a pattern. 

One of the kits that I love most in this collection is called Two Block Hop and it does an amazing job of blending the neutral fabrics with the bold and exciting prints in Tulane.

Another amazing kit that I love is the Girl’s Best Friend Lap Quilt.  The look of this quilt is just stunning.  If you have a more neutral palette in your home, just think what this quilt would add to a room! 

As I said before, I think this collection would look stunning in curtains and throw pillows.  We have a free pattern for pillows that I think I am going to use called Pillow Talk. 

For my house, I’m thinking about combining the Iron Lace in Raspberry fabric with the Petits Diamant in Avocado.  The prints work so well together!      

I think for my curtains, I will be able to sew them up without a pattern, so long as I am careful with my measurements. For those, I am planning to use the Diamond Gate fabric in Raspberry.  With the long vertical diamond pattern on this print, I think it will really add length to the look of my windows.  I know that when it all comes together, it’s going to look amazing — especially when paired with my big brown couch.  I’m so excited!

Do you love Tulane as much as we do?  What types of projects can you see it being amazing for?  We’d love to know!



  1. Robin - February 15, 2012

    I prefer the more traditional prints, whimsical and floral. I haven’t cared for the last six lines of fabrics so I’ll wait until my turn comes back around as we all have different tastes.

  2. Jean - February 15, 2012

    Although I cannot figure out how to read the rest of Robin’s comment, I too am tired of these modern prints and jarring colors. I know you are probably trying to attract a younger, hipper crowd to quilting but are the traditional things not selling? I find that hard to believe because I was saving up to buy the gorgeous cobalt blue and white paisley in the “Symphony of Blues” collection and see that you are already out of it! I hate the prices in my local quilt shop but at least they have not abandoned those of us who like the more traditional colors and patterns. I have several friends who quilt that I used to combine orders with to save on shipping, but they aren’t finding fabrics they like here any more either.

  3. Jean Gomes - February 16, 2012

    While I can appreciate the need to serve all styles od quilters, I must say I am loving the more contemporary prints. I started with traditional quilting many years ago, but now I am drawn to the batiks and colorful contemporaries. Your collections are delightful…..keep the modern prints and batiks coming!

  4. Alisha from Connecting Threads - February 16, 2012

    Thank you all for your feedback! We always appreciate hearing what you love and what you don’t, it helps us to see what you are looking for and how we can better fulfill your needs. If you have suggestions, please feel free to share them here, on our Facebook page (facebook.com/connectingthreads), and/or on Twitter (@quiltwithus)! Thanks again!

  5. kim deming - February 16, 2012

    awful – hideous – ghastly. Make them go away !

  6. Michele - February 17, 2012

    When I first saw the new Tulane collection via e-mail, I was awe stuck and breathless. Absolutely gorgeous. I definitely Do Not need any more fabric but……Tulane is calling.

  7. Virginia / SD - February 17, 2012

    I, too, am a more traditional quilter. I am kinda drawn to the fabric with thread-like color but the rest of the line is a bit loud and/or frilly for my liking. Hoping someday you will feature a fabric line with plaids, checks and stripes in country or muted deep, dark colors. Thank you for the opportunity to give you feedback. Happy quilting!

  8. Sena - February 18, 2012

    Having been born and raised in New Orleans I can say that the prints are NOT modern. The patterns can be fround in the iron railings and other decorative trim in the French Quarter. The colors are to bright to be historically correct, but I would consider the patterns to be traditional for my area.

  9. Lindsey Ray - February 21, 2012

    I purchased this line, along with a Montecito kit and either Pearadise or Sweetgrass Prairie (I can’t remember which–I don’t know why I can’t recall–they couldn’t be more different from each other). I generally buy at least one of the three new lines released each month. I enjoy a wide range of fabrics, and appreciate that Connecting Threads has expanded its range of offerings. I think the “Two Block Hop” quilt pictured above is quite traditional.
    Regardless of whether I like a range or not, I would always be polite in expressing my opinion, as most of the posts prior to mine were. I would never dream of writing, “awful – hideous – ghastly. Make them go away !” as one poster did. Although, in clicking on her name, it appears she isn’t a member of Quilt With Us, so maybe she doesn’t know that a lot of people consider the other members, designers, and CT employees to be a kind of quilting family.

  10. Suzie - February 24, 2012

    Lindsey, I love your comment. Thank you so much for writing that! I’m sure Connecting Threads will continue to have more country or traditional lines in the future, but having those cool modern collection is like a breath of fresh air!

  11. Moriah - April 5, 2014

    I realize this post has been out for a long time, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some of the black tulane fabric. I have much of the other tulane line and I just need a small amount for sashing, but it’s discontinued from Connecting Threads. Help, please!!