Sumptuous & Oh Gee! in Hampton Hues

Hampton Hues is one of my favorite collections because of the varied visual textures and the coral color. The collection lends itself to very different quilts as seen with two of my designs, Sumptuous and Oh Gee!

Sumptuous is a 84-1/2″ x 100-1/2″ queen-size quilt made with five fabrics from the Hampton Hues collection:

The outlines of the interesting blocks in the center of Sumptuous are reflected in the inner border. The quilt could have been made with lots, and I do mean lots, of Flying Geese units. To simplify the construction, I redrew the quilt so it could be made completely with the stitch and flip method.

Oh Gee!
The name Oh Gee! is a take-off the word ogee which describes the design in the focal fabric: 6760 Trendy Ogee Black

This 55-3/4″ x 70-1/4″ throw, has a contemporary feel, a neutral color palette,  and some gentle curved-piecing.

Sumptuous and Oh Gee! offer two different ways to complement your décor.



  1. Alisha - April 10, 2014

    Ann, these quilts are absolutely gorgeous. Great post!

  2. Julie S - April 10, 2014

    Beautiful quilts. This collection is very lovely, saving my pennies. Love me some CT!!

  3. Jenni - April 10, 2014

    Love them both! Beautiful job Ann!

  4. Jenni - April 10, 2014

    OH!! And PS: Thank you so much for giving my Trendy Ogee print in that color-way so much love:)