Staff Picks: Marking Tools

We continue our new series showcasing staff favorites, today we focus on marking tools.


Tools are of course useful, but not just any doodad will do the job. In the world of quilting and sewing, we are blessed with so much more variety than our foremothers had access to. As much as we would love to completely eyeball and freehand our stitching, most of us need the assistance of a good marking tool to ensure we produce the design we want.

Some of the team shared their favorites below.


Ann and Jenna both enjoy the Pigma Micron Pens.


“My favorite permanent marking tools are the Pigma Micron Pens. I’ve used these for many years now. I love to trace embroidery projects with them because they are super-fine and sharp tipped. The 6 color set is particularly helpful for matching the color of my embroidery floss so it doesn’t show up, however I end up using the black Pigma Pens for most projects—like tracing around applique pieces I will cut, or even doodling a fresh idea on paper!” -Jenna

“I like the Pigma Micron Pens – either the 6-color set or the set of 3 black pens. They are great for writing permanently on fabric for quilt labels.” -Ann


Ann is also a big fan of the Clover White Marking Pen!


“Another useful pen is Clover’s fine white marking pen because it will mark on dark fabrics well – but you do have to wait a few moments for the line to appear.”


Mari is a devotee to the Chaco Liner Pens.


“The Chaco Liner is my most favorite tool and I’ve used it for many years. In fact, I keep stock of fillers in my sewing cupboard! It has been an invaluable tool for long-arming and chalking designs on quilts. The chalk is heavy enough that it won’t float off the fabric with the slightest of breezes, yet light enough to respond to gentle brushing as it is removed. The marker has a rotary wheel on the tip that lays down a smooth, clear line without creating any tension as it rolls across the fabric. It is one tool I keep with me in each sewing kit, and if I need a mark and it makes sense in the application, the Chaco Pen is my first choice.”


Doing the job, whether it’s permanence or impermanence needed, is a strong preference here for us. If you happen to be in the market for a new marking too, our tool sale is going until June 16, 2014!


Let us know in the comments what tool you would like to see featured in future Staff Picks posts!