Spring Cleaning in Fall

I have been meaning to “spring clean” my sewing room all year but kept putting it off. I thought maybe if I just bit the bullet and did it then it might jump-start my holiday sewing. I dug everything out of the walk-in closet — man can you cram a LOT of things into a small walk-in closet! It was like a magician’s hat: stuff just kept coming out. Pretty soon, I had enough stuff strewn haphazardly over the bed that I could have probably opened a quilt store.  Then I was in a cleaning frenzy – emptying furniture and pulling it out of the room, rearranging what was left, and adding my sewing desk and ironing board. It was one of those times my husband wisely decided to take our son and flee the house before he got sucked into my reorganizational pull.

Ok, I admit this isn’t even at the room’s worst. This is just a small portion of what was in the closet– I was too into what I was doing after this to stop and take pictures!

Here are some pictures of the finished project.

All my batiks are in rainbow order on the bookshelf and I found a great spot under the window to put my ironing board. You can see my colorful assortment of tubs with all my works in progress!

I was able to fit the dresser that has all my wool into the closet which left more floor space. I put my collections together on the shelves nearby. I was able to fold all the larger cuts and put them underneath the clear tubs that hold the smaller cuts of fabric (FQ’s and smaller) that are part of the same fabric line. Below those shelves are drawers that have fabric sorted by color.

Now I’m all organized and I have no excuse not to get started on all my waiting projects—well, except for the unseasonably warm weather we are having and my three year old who has decided I’m his favorite play buddy! I’ll take it though since I know soon enough he won’t even want to be seen with me!

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  1. deb - October 19, 2012

    Teri I have been going through the same thing!I love to clean before you are locked up in the house for Winter it is almost refreshing and like starting in a new home.
    Your organizing looks great!
    Lets see what your incentives will be to get you going!