Sew a Simple Skirt!


I really love Tula Pink; and especially her fabric “Swarm” from the Moonshine fabric collection. I thought it would be the perfect fabric for a simple skirt. Having not much garment sewing experience, I really wanted to try my hand at something easy, just like I did when I starting quilting with simple nine-patches.


I found this pattern online, “The 5-minute Skirt.” However, it did in fact take me longer than 5 minutes to sew it up–but not much longer :). I love this pattern because it’s a flowy-skirt, not too fitted, and features a simple elastic waistband. The instructions call for a rolled hem, but I didn’t have the correct foot for that so instead I sewed the hem with a decorative and strong stitch. If you are looking on how to do a rolled hem, here’s a great tutorial I found online!

As I finished this one, I couldn’t wait to do another–I’ve made two more skirts for my daughter recently. 🙂


  1. Ginger - July 10, 2015

    Your skirt looks great! I love making skirts from quilting cottons.

  2. Jenna - July 10, 2015

    Aww thanks Ginger! Sometime I’ll try a more fitted pattern and try and model it !

  3. Ann - July 13, 2015

    Cute skirt – love the fabric too! Isn’t fun to find a versatile, quick pattern to whip up when a new fabric inspires you? Are you going to make matching ones for your daughters?

    • Jenna - July 22, 2015

      Hi Ann. Yes, I have made a couple of skirts for my daughter! I will have to show you some pictures soon. 🙂

  4. JoAnne T. - July 22, 2015

    Congratulations on making this beautiful skirt, Jenna. I used to make clothes until I started quilting. I want to make some skirts for my high school teacher daughter. Since you used quilting cotton, do you have to iron your skirt? If I have an article of clothing that needs ironing, I think it lives in my closet. I never have made anything but quilts with quilt fabric so I really don’t know. Thank you!

    • Jenna - July 22, 2015

      Thanks JoAnne! About the ironing, yes, I did press it, but I’ve also washed my skirt once now and after drying it in the dryer, I just made sure to take it out and hang it up right away so it hangs nicer. Luckily because it’s made with more fabric for a flowy-look, it hangs nice so I don’t need to iron it necessarily. I love quilting fabric for garments now! It just depends on how much ‘give’ you want the article of clothing to have. For instance, cutting on the bias of the fabric will give allow the garment to stretch more, you just have to be careful on linear prints so it doesn’t look wonky!