Scrap Fabric Project


Little quilts are absolutely adorable and considering that, I’m confused there are so few in my home. Well, that’s going to get fixed pronto! Awhile back I wrote a blog called My Primitive Little Quilt. The project required 30 charm squares in which one 3-1/2” square was cut. That left two, 1-1/2” strips from each charm square. Yep, you guessed it, another “closet” project…

Twister Primitive Little Quilt

I was rubbing my hands together, and putting the ol’ sage in me to work. I needed to figure out what to do with these scraps! They are minute and several were less than 1-1/2” wide. It was going to take some skill to sew the little buggers together and make them into fabulous blocks! Thank goodness there were leftover charm squares! Don’t you just hate letting the scraps from an old project go to waste? I sure do! They all look so perfect and usable!

Waste Image 1

So, I decided to make 9-Patch blocks, and lots of them. Buzzzzzzz… Contrasting strips were sewn together, pressed, and cross-cut into new strips! Wahoo! Don’t they look great?! I’m beginning to see the beauty in my plan (guffaw). Now, off to press those strips…

Waste Image 2

Wahoo! See how they look?!!! Pressed and ready! 9-Patches here we come!

Waste Image 3

What a trial that was! Some were great, but others were awful. I didn’t keep my seaming consistent (and I know better!), so they were awkward shaped. Also, I wasn’t precise with the original cutting. Had I known this little quilt was going to be born from the scraps, I would have cut much more carefully. They were trimmed down to 3″ square and that gave me several well-formed blocks. I also cut 3″ squares from the remaining charm squares.

Waste Image 4

I tried this configuration and found that it was just too long and narrow so…

Waste Image 5

I pulled two more of the best sewn blocks and added another row. Now, that’s what I’m talk’in about!

Waste Image 6

Off to quilting the little darling and add binding…

Waste Image final

Here’s my free quilt!


  1. Jennifer - March 24, 2014

    I love the little quilts! Do you have a pattern link for those cute bird pin cushions?

  2. Deb - March 26, 2014

    Scraps, I love scraps. Is there a way to look up old collections to see what coordinates are still in stock? I have some old Whirl Wind Romance and a few others that could be stretched out with coordinates like Quilters Candy and Mirage.

    • Teri - March 27, 2014

      Hi Deb,
      Depending on which color palette you have any Quilter’s Candy that are these colors should coordinate:
      For the pink & green – blush, kiwi, tea rose, strawberry, olive, sandstone
      For the grey & yellow – custard, grey, silver lining, honeysuckle, steel blue
      Hope that helps!