Santa Wall Hanging

When the Sweet Saint Nick collection was created, I took a look at each Santa and the darling, endearing faces just tugged at my heart.  There are so many delightful supporting prints to tickle your fancy from curly cues to peppermint candies, a lovely plaid to an all-over tossed print with all things Christmassy.  It also includes a couple of stripe options with one being a diagonal candy cane, and more!

The Santa Wall Hanging is an enchanting gallery of those little faces I fell in love with.  I just had to make a little quilt that highlighted the turned up noses and chubby cheeks.  Framed in with a checkerboard border, each grin holds its own allowing them center stage.  Construction is very simple with only squares and rectangles to assemble.  This kit will create a magical experience for children and evoke a bit of joy for all.

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  1. Rafael - July 25, 2012

    I always have high hopes of mankig scrappy quilts. But I always get tired of it because all the scraps are all different shapes, which requires more cutting, and they all need ironed ehhh, whereas I could just use nice square newly purchased fabric haha. I love scrappy quilts and the idea of using all that waste, but uh, so much work!