Reversible Fresh Tote

The Hello Sunshine Collection is perfect for anything laundry with its focal motif of garments on a clothesline being tossed about in the fresh summer breeze.

All around the clothesline are sweet, pot-bellied birds. It made me ponder the summer days when I hang my freshly cleaned laundry outside on the clothesline listening to the bird’s melodic music. I love the smell of the crisp air in my clothing!

Fairly simple in construction, the tote, in its intirety, is quilted giving strength and longevity. The bag sports two very large pockets, one on each side, and will accommodate a great deal.

The lovely checked handles are securely built into the tote with no chance of pulling away from the bag because of weight or from use. The Fresh Tote is ideal for a number of applications!

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  1. linda harriott - August 29, 2012

    How fresh looking.I can smell the laundry.Wish you did international shipping.Oh well!!!