Return of the Snow People

What do you do when a friend gives you half their wool stash? Hummmm…

I was over at Teri’s house when she decided to purge her wool stash. Now, this is not just a casual stash; it was a well-cherished, thought-out cache of woolie love. And, this is only half of it!

 Look at that pile of fluffy joy! Not only did I receive lots of wool but wool kits as well as patterns! Wahoo! It was like winning the lottery!
Among the kits was this sweet fella…

A little crumpled and almost finished, he was waiting to be set free. Now, if you don’t know, Teri is a little obsessed with snow people, but she developed a serious sensitivity to wool. This little guy is a wool blend though; that’s not so bad, right?! It just makes him a little blurry. Shhhhh, he doesn’t know any better…
So I took my little orphan out and warmed him up with an iron. The wrinkles came out easily. All that needed to be done now was stitching the pennies to the perimeter and that only took one episode of the Pretender to get it done!
Oh, did I see a little smile peeking out through his scarf! Awe, he knows he’s going home!


  1. MaryAgnes - January 28, 2014

    Now all he needs is an airtight case like they have in museums so Teri can look but not touch. He’s wonderful.

  2. kaholly - January 28, 2014

    Sometimes we get lucky!! What a sweet snowman.

  3. Jenni - January 28, 2014

    Mari, this is so adorable! I bet you were in heaven that day, it’s like the wool gods were looking down on you blessing you with their goodness!

  4. Katrina - January 28, 2014

    What an adorable little orphan!! Thanks for sharing, Mari! 🙂

  5. Katrina H - January 28, 2014

    How much fun!

  6. Anita M - January 28, 2014

    Ahhhhh wool and other obsessions I am waiting to start. Fun project.

  7. Mari - January 28, 2014

    Awe, thank you SO very much! He’s just a little piece of happiness!

  8. Dianna Essington - January 28, 2014

    Look like a great book to us up those scrapes of material that you can’t part with because you might need them for another project.

  9. Linda Froggie - January 28, 2014

    Wow, you hit the lottery with this little guy, Mari! He is a cutie. Just don’t let ranchmom see him, she will snag him away from you. Teri had a lot of gorgeous wool~
    ~Hopppy Quilting~

  10. Beth in NE PA - January 28, 2014

    I dearly love wool and wool projects. You did hit the jackpot! And such a cutie little snow guy.

  11. Teri - January 28, 2014

    Too late, Mari already gave him to me and he is at home with all of his other snowmen friends. Thank you Mari!!!! Remind me to give you this other half finished project I have …… 🙂

  12. Mari - January 28, 2014

    Give away Teri!

  13. bonnie - January 29, 2014

    I made that pattern, so cute. Love working with wool, I do wool hookimg .Rug, Pillows, many more.