Rest In Pieces Collection

Last year’s Halloween collection was well received, so we were determined to do another Halloween group this year!  As many of you know by now, I try to be really versatile in my artwork, so I wanted to do a collection that was different from last year’s.  Rest In Pieces has a  rustic feel which is a contrast to last year’s All Hallows Bash that was bold in color.

I love the detail and simplicity of a toile and knew I really wanted to do something with that feel in this collection.  Toiles are generally landscapes, so why not make a haunted landscape!  The focal Haunted Grounds takes you on a journey from a spooky haunted house to a scary cemetery to the plotting of some demented witches.

After doing the focal, I definitely wanted to pull out the ghosts and do a print with just them.  I love how in Ghosts & Ghouls they’re floating in an ominous sky.  Very creepy and ghoulish I think!

The other coordinating prints provide great texture to the rest of the group.  I think Haystack is really fun because it feels so realistic.

What I like about the color palette is you can choose how you want it to be…whether it’s multi-colored or more traditional with just the neutrals.  If you’re not a fan of purple, you can just omit that.  You can really customize this collection’s fabrics to fit your style.

I think the kits were a nice mix of styles and color options.

I really like Ghastly Ghosts Table Runner by Mari Martin.  So detailed and a great color combination.

I also really like Vintage Churn Dash Quilt.  This feels fresh and light with the colors used.

Then there is the Wonky Stars Quilt by Ann Johnson. It’s so traditional, you almost wouldn’t know it was Halloween, until you get up close and see the fun fabrics.


  1. Marie Lehr - August 29, 2013

    I have grown very fond of the Halloween prints. These are so cute,

  2. Jenni - August 29, 2013

    I’m so glad Marie!

  3. Samantha - August 29, 2013

    I love the vintage quality of this collection. Another line, well done Jenni!

  4. Jenni - August 29, 2013

    Thank you so much Samantha!!! I’m glad you enjoy it!