Raggy Penny Rug Quilt

In CT’s archives, we had a baby quilt size raggy quilt which had been recolored over the years. I wanted to adapt the pattern to incorporate some appliqué and add borders to increase it to an adult throw quilt size.

Raggy quilts are fun to make, especially because they are quilted as you go! Last year, I decided to make my own raggy quilt based on the baby quilt size. This became the prototype for the Raggy Penny Rug quilt. I will show you some photos of the raggy quilt technique, even though the fabrics and appliqué design are different. The top image shows the construction and the lower ones show the finished raggy seams after washing and drying (preferably in a laundromat dryer because there is a LOT of lint). This quilt is now my family’s favorite quilt for keeping warm in the winter.

NOTE: It is important NOT to prewash your flannels before making a raggy quilt. You want the maximum fray of the edges with washing to give the “raggy” effect.

When it was decided that Primitive Pennies would also be available in flannel, my opportunity to rewrite the pattern had arrived! The focal fabric, 6392 Penny Stitch Flannel Multi and the coordinating fabrics chosen for the quilt all come from the Primitive Pennies Flannel and Quilter’s Candy Flannel Basics collections:




For the appliqué, I choose concentric circles with a blanket stitch to mimic the traditional wool penny rugs shown in the focal print.

With the new borders, the quilt measures 54-1/2” x 66-1/2”. The combination of the larger size and gender neutral colors make the Raggy Penny Rug quilt a great throw for just about anyone!

The back is attractive also! The simple quilting around the appliqué shows up as a design in the blocks on the back. The quilting is so easy! The blocks are quilted individually before the quilt top is assembled. Once the blocks and borders are sewn together, you are done.

I hope you agree that the Primitive Pennies Flannel collection and the Raggy Penny Rug quilt pattern are a great match. I just wish you could see and feel the quilt in person…It is so warm and snuggly!



  1. Teri - December 16, 2013

    I love that this quilt is reversible!

  2. Betty Bishop - February 15, 2014

    I love these kind of quilts, but I tried making one and when I washed it the seams came apart like the materials were rotten. I wondered if the stitches were too small or what? Could you help me I would love to try to make more quilts like this it was allot of fun till I took it out of the dryer.

  3. Ann - February 18, 2014

    Betty, I am not sure why you had a problem with your quilt. This pattern calls for 1/2″ seams. If yours were 1/4″ like we usually do for piecing quilts, they may have frayed and fell apart. I guess a loosely woven grade of flannel could add to that problem. Our flannel is lovely and good quality. I made a sample of this quilt, washed it, and used it a lot without any problem. Please try again with our flannel, 1/2″ seams, and being careful not to cut into the seams when making the small cuts. The Fons & Porter Rag Scissors on our website work very well for this quilt. Good luck!