Quilt Market Recap

This past weekend was Quilt Market for Spring/Summer 2013 in Portland.  I’m so glad it was held in Portland this year because I live in Portland, and for as long as I’ve worked at Connecting Threads I’ve wanted to attend.  So this year was perfect!  And oh what a lot to see!!  Quilt Market is strictly for people in the industry, but for me personally it was a tool for inspiration. 

I walked the floor and took in the color palettes, the trends that are happening, either new or continuing, and was inspired by the quilts themselves.  There were winning quilts on display, as well as each vendor having their quilts, patterns, and fabrics on display.  As for quilts and fabric, there definitely was a major modern influence.  This isn’t new, but it was definitely neat to see how strongly the influence is in person.  Prints are very clean, minimal, very directional.  Quilts are also very clean and minimal, or innovative in design detail.

Quilt by Vanessa Christenson from Simply Style.

Quilt from Zen Chic by Moda

For what traditional vendors there were, they were definitely true to their aesthetic.  This is still and will forever be the base of the quilt industry because the concept of Americana, folk, and primitive is where it all began.  There is so much charm in the simplicity as well as design techniques from these movements.

A beautiful log cabin quilt.  Unfortunatley I didn’t catch whose booth this was, might be Moda, but don’t quote me on that.

There was a huge influence of embroidery.  There were many embroidery only vendors, as well as vendors that mixed the media with quilts.  As a huge embroidery fan myself, I certainly noticed the prevalence of this throughout market.

In Heather Bailey’s booth, one wall was a giant embroidery.  It was amazing!

Some other pretty shots!

This was a pretty display by Art Gallery Fabrics.

This amazing quilt is “Shadow Trapunto” by Geta Grama

There was certainly a lot to take in, but I loved the opportunity to do so!


  1. Stephanie - May 23, 2013

    Definitely an uneven proportion of “modern” vs. “traditional.” Something for every and that’s what so fantastic. I love that quilt in the last photo. So intriguing.

  2. Cindy Radtke - May 24, 2013

    What a feast for the senses! So much to take in, new things to make, new books to buy, new fabrics to work with, which to try first. What an opportunity you had. Thanks for sharing it with us!