Pumpkin Time! Embroidery by Jenni

Of course when there was an opportunity to work on an embroidery project, I gladly took it on. I really do love to embroider, it’s just calming and fun.  I chose this cute Pumpkin Time! pattern because I thought it would make for a great holiday decoration in my house when it came time to decorate for Halloween. The pattern was originally inteded to be a pillow, but I decided to make it just as it is, but flat as a small wall hanging.  As you can see, I’m not quite finished; I still need to add the dark scallop fabric around the edge and attach a cute ribbon for hanging. Gere is the embroidery for you to see.

I was really drawn to the font and how it was embroidered, reminds me of spiderwebs. I used DMC floss for all.  I used a variegated orange for the mouth, and I really love the effect.  Overall such a cute embroidery design!



  1. Gayle L. - August 5, 2011

    Jenni you did a great job and I like the way the variagated thread worked out for the mouth. It it adorable. Gayle

  2. Jenni - August 6, 2011

    Thanks Gayle!