Plethora of Pillows: Blue & Yellow

Plethora of Pillows

My son and daughter in law wanted some pillows for their new couch in in their new apartment. They picked a yellow and blue theme, and gray and white for dinning room chair cushions. Then they went out and purchased fabric somewhere else!!!! I work at a fabric company, duh.

Here are the fabrics they chose:


I would have chosen either of these combinations from our Neutral Love II collection:




I love plaid and floral together!

Let’s see, that would have saved them 1/2 the cost. Oh well, right?

They also picked out fabric for me to make seat cushions for their dining room chairs.


Trying to decide what type of pattern, I didn’t think they would get excited about an intricate patchwork design. I chose to go really simple, but sturdy. Just a basic square with a flat piping in the opposite pillow color. With the piping, I didn’t make an opening on the back, that way, whenever they get tossed around they won’t be upside down. We thought 20X20 would be a good size. For the piping, I cut 1 ¼” strips. Thank goodness they purchased enough fabric just by guessing!


After cutting strips 1 ½” wide, I folded and pressed them in half. With right sides of the pillow together, I lined the raw edges of the piping with the raw edges of the pillow, so the piping would face the inside of the pillow.


I sewed all around all 4 sides, leaving a gap for turning and stuffing.


After sewing all the way around, I cut off the piping sticking out from the edges.


Then I trimmed the corners.


After flipping right-side out, I inserted the Hobbs Poly-down 20 x 20 pillow inserts.


The finished pillows on their new couch.


My daughter in law Aleana with the pillows.

These were very simple, very quick pillows; anyone can make them with some basic measurements!


  1. Ann - September 24, 2014

    Good job Mom! I bet they loved them!

    • Daryl - September 24, 2014

      Thank you Ann, they did love them.