Pinwheel Mini Quilt – Blue Room Project #4


Blue Room Project #4 is a pinwheel mini quilt I made to use up LOTS of HSTs (half-square triangles) from Project #3 – the Graceful Stars mini quilt. The Blue Room is a small bedroom we added to our house by remodeling an open space over our kitchen table. It will be used for foreign exchange students or a quiet place for me to read.

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The image below shows the color palette and fabrics I used. As with other projects in my Blue Series, I tried to use light, medium, and dark values of pure blue, avoiding the analogous blues that mix in green (blue greens), red (periwinkles), or gray (steel blues).


When I made Project #3, I had lots of HSTs leftover. I made the HSTs the common way – combining two 2″ squares of fabric RS together, drawing a center diagonal line, sewing 1/4″ away on each side, and cutting on the center line. This method makes two matching HSTs. I did not repeat any of the fabrics in the stars in the Graceful Stars project, so I had a large duplicate set to use. Half consisted of  lighter and darker blues. The other half had a blue fabric and background fabric (hidden under the blue HSTs below). I wanted to find a design or pattern that would utilize these orphan HSTs.


I chose Quilt Square #5 from the Quilt Squares #3 pattern which is the pinwheel design on the stand in the lower right corner.

I first saw these amazing mini quilts as samples for an Heirloom Manor kit we sold in the past.


Since my HSTs were a bit smaller and I wanted a finished project between 13-1/2″ and 14″ square, I altered the pattern somewhat to have five rows of five pinwheels. I used the HSTs made of blue and background fabrics for the pinwheels, arranging them so the lighter ones were in the center. With a couple of exceptions, my collection of HSTs worked quite well! The Pinwheels were sewn into rows, alternating with background One-Patches, ending with over-sized setting triangles to help the Pinwheels appear to float and increase the size..


I used the remaining HSTs made of two blues for a pieced outer border.


I find I do not want to quilt over the scrappy miniature piecing, so I did stitch in the ditch around the outer border, some simple echo quilting in the setting triangles, and a square in the One-Patch background areas.




Stay tuned for Blue Room Project # 5 next week – it is quite different and probably my favorite. I ran out of leftover pieces to use up but not blue fabric!


  1. Stephanie - April 20, 2016

    Super cute and love the blues! Nice to see the color option as well. Great for using up scraps. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ann - April 20, 2016

      Thanks Stephanie! We hung all of the mini quilts this weekend in the Blue Room and they look great together. I will post a photo of all the finished projects in the room when the weekly posts are finished.

  2. gmakitty - April 20, 2016

    awesome pieces, will be back to quilting soon…. taking longer than I expected

    • Ann - April 20, 2016

      Thanks Gmakitty! Hope you feel better and can get back to quilting soon.

  3. Judith Green - April 21, 2016

    Wonderful interpretation using scraps!

    • Ann - April 21, 2016

      Thanks Judith! I was pleased with how it turned out. It was a bit of a challenge to get those points and straight lines between blocks to turn out okay but at least it was a mini quilt – a fun to project to finish quickly – and I do love scrappy!

  4. Barb S. - April 22, 2016

    Love the way this mini turned out. The quilting in the white squares gives it great depth. Looking forward to seeing all those minis hung together.

    • Ann - April 25, 2016

      Thanks Barb! They look great although I think I should have blocked them to square them up better. We have a college age young man from Taiwan coming for the summer who will be staying in the Blue Room. I hope he likes blue!

  5. FS - May 10, 2016

    Another lovely blue quilt! I love how you “made do” with stuff you had left over from another project, that’s two for the price of one!

    • Ann - May 16, 2016

      Thanks FS! It was fun how one project led into another and I was able to use up leftover pieces. I tend to like to use a fabric only once if possible when I do scrappy quilts – so it is not unusual to have leftover HSTs. I am enjoying these mini quilts a lot. Thanks for all your comments!