Pineapple Ruler – Pineapple Pillow

EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler

I was recently asked to test EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler, a new product on the CT website. I wanted to finish the project and tell you about it because this specialty ruler is still on sale for a few more days!

The EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler instructions called for using an assortment of 1-1/2″ strips. I had lots of 1-1/2″ strips in a neutral palette leftover from my Scrappy Log Cabin wall hanging. You can read my blog post about this work-in-progress here.


First, I planned the alternating light and dark rows and laid all the strips in the order I wanted to use them. I had enough leftover strips and other fabrics to make each of the four logs in the rounds a different fabric, but each round of logs could be the same fabric. The image below is missing one row each of light and dark, so I had to add them.


Using the Ruler
The EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler has lines on two sides. The A side has pink lines for cutting the 1-1/2″ strips. The B side has aqua lines for trimming the Pineapple block as it is assembled and cutting the triangles that make the finished Pineapple unit into a true square.

While the EZ Quilting Pineapple RulerĀ  does have basic instructions for using the ruler, it does not include information on how long to cut the strips into logs for each round. The ruler instructions just say to refer to “your pattern”. I found a pattern on the designer’s and the manufacturer’s websites with sizes for the length of the logs. I recommend printing off a copy as a reference. This was very helpful!

To access the Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt pattern on the designer’s website, click here.
(found under How-Tos for the EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler; click on PDF download)
To access the pattern on the manufacturer’s website, click here.
Use the Rotary Cutting Table as a reference for cutting the 1-1/2″ strips into logs.

There are lots of lines on side B. Being a visual learner, I found a video online that helped me understand better how to place the ruler to trim each round as the block was assembled. The trimming method remained the same, but the lines used for alignment changed with each round. Also, the designer’s website offers a detailed slide show of using the ruler for each round.

To access a video tutorial on using the EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler, click here.
To access a slide show on using the EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler, click here.

Utilizing the above resources, I was able to use the EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler successfully on my first try and I was pleased with the finished result. Here are some photos of the Pineapple block assembly:

The first round is made of fabrics with light color values. The EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler works by trimming each side leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance.


This is the result after trimming the first round of logs.


I continued to add alternating rounds of light and dark fabrics and trimming.


Here are photos of another round of logs before trimming…


and after.


When the last dark round is added, it looked like this from the front…


and the back.


The ruler helps cut the triangles to be added to the corners so the block finishes at 12-1/2″ square. I would recommend the EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler as one way to construct a Pineapple block, especially with the free resources listed above. This is a good time to get one while the specialty ruler saleĀ  is still on – just a few more days.

I added a small Border 1 and larger Border 2 so the Pineapple blocks would fit a 18″ square pillow form that I had. I made an envelope back and a small flange by sewing 3/8″ in from the four sides.


The completed pillow looks great in our new guest bedroom for foreign exchange students. What fun to start with a product testing and end up with a terrific pillow.

I love my job!


  1. Becky - March 13, 2015

    I love pineapple(s)…ummm…both kinds. I have a pineapple-in-waiting-project…the ruler looks interesting!

  2. Ann - March 14, 2015

    It is a good ruler for making Pineapple blocks – and you can use the front side to cut the strips. Block construction is easy with the ruler, especially with the free resources I listed above. It is on sale for a few more days so this would be a good time to get one!