Pillow-to-Go Pillowcases

It began with Little Red…  This is Judy’s little comfort pillow and pillowcase she takes on-the-go and it originally came from her Mother-in-law, Bunny.

So, here’s the story…  Judy brought Little Red into work to show us the clever pillowcase design the same day I found out I goofed on the Gifty project for this week.  I talked to Teri about my goof-up and before long Sue, Teri, Judy and I were quickly making disguised Little Reds!  Teri’s idea and Judy’s design turned into Sue’s pattern and then, my project for this week!  Hence, the birth of Pillow-to-Go Pillowcases!  Wahoo!

Soon (and with Judy’s help), LOTS of people were making pillows.  Look at all of us!

And, did we ever have fun!  Needless to say, it was a rolling snowball gathering fun!  Just look what we did in less than two days! The Pillow-to-go Pillowcases are a free pattern download for you too!  Judy timed me while making a sample and from the time I started cutting to finishing the pillowcase was a total of 14 minutes! How many of these little cuties can you make for your gift giving?  I’m going to make one for each of my grandkids and one for my car and a few for my sofa and…

The fabrics we chose were from a wide selection of collections. The pattern requires ¾ yard which makes two pillowcases (cut very carefully).  The pillow form is a standard travel size measuring 12” x 16”.  We found ours at the local bed, bath and kitchen store.





(Pearadise Sprout Multi Dots used on pillowcase on pattern cover)

Many sewed their pillowcases Wednesday night and a group of us went out and purchased our little pillow forms Thursday to make a BIG stack of little pillows!  Wahoo!  This was truly a gift to me!  Thank you everyone!  It truly does take a village around Connecting Threads!


  1. Joy - July 16, 2012

    Your pillowcases are adorable, and how fun to laugh and have a good time at your jobs!

  2. Jenni - July 16, 2012

    This photo shoot was sooooooooooooooo fun!!!!

  3. Rusty - July 16, 2012

    What a great story! It was a win-win for everyone – I love stories like that. The photos are great too. I especially like the pillow fight one. Mari looks like she’s holding on to her pillow with all her might and no one is going to get it! LOL

  4. karenthequilter - July 16, 2012

    You guys are having too much fun! Pillow Fight!!!

  5. Shannon - July 16, 2012

    It all starts with an idea. I saw the Bookish line and thought “too much pink”. (I don’t do pink LOL.) But the bookish circles is my fave pillow!! A couple would look great in my daughter’s room! It doesn’t always have to be a quilt!!

  6. kequilts - July 17, 2012

    Fun project – I’m going to make one for everyone who needs a little comfort (and who doesn’t need a little comfort now and then) my mom (knee replacement next week) my son (just moved to NYC) my co-workers (for putting up with me)…. the list just goes on….

  7. Lou Ann Bucheimer - July 18, 2012

    Wouldn’t everyone just love to work for CT & QWU? I don’t have nearly that much fun in my job!!!
    Great project, and wonderful pillows all, not to mention the terrific photo shoot!

  8. Robbie Farley - July 21, 2012

    Thank you all for the free pillow pattern. I have ordered several of your kits and your pattern instructions are the clearest & easiest to follow I’ve ever found. Love your fabrics and thread, also. Recently finished a throw for a friend, who is a school librarian, using your new library fabrics & pattern. I’m making some of these pillows for my grandkids. Thank you again!

  9. Carla - July 23, 2012

    Such cute pillows


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