Patterns Revisited: Indigo Baskets, Kinetics, and Bedford Skies

Here are three very different quilts in three very different collections – and they are all popular quilts from our Connecting Threads archives.

Indigo Baskets
Indigo Baskets is traditional basket quilt with some easy piecing and appliqué. It takes on an Asian flair with the lovely Indigo Patchwork collection. The focal in the border, 6160 Kimono Patchwork Multi, brings all the other fabrics together in an attractive scrappy way.

For those a bit intimidated by scrappiness, there is some “planned randomness” in the pattern to assist you. The colors make it more gender neutral and the 63” x 76” size makes a delightful throw quilt under which to snuggle as the days grow colder.

P. S. Be sure to read Jenni Calo’s blog posting to learn more about how the Indigo Patchwork collection came to be.

The primary colors and wild assortment of plaids and geometric designs in the Mix It Up! collection contribute to the liveliness of the Kinetics quilt and its suitability for a boy or girl. The background, 3868 Mirage Indigo, contrasts well with several fabrics from the Mix It Up! collection.





Kinetics is a 40” x 48” quilt perfectly sized for a youngster in your life. Given its colors and size, it would also work well for someone of any age in a wheelchair. Adding a name is optional, but what fun to have the quilt personalized for the recipient! The construction is very simple making it great for a beginning quilt project, gift giving, and charitable donation.

Bedford Skies
Bedford Skies is made with the beautiful Heather’s Garden collection. The focal in the border is 6033 Scattered Blooms Lt Caramel, the terrific plaid in the sashing is 6034 Trellis Wall Multi, and 6051 Seed Pods Lt Caramel is a background for the scrappy stars.

This 54-1/2” x 68-1/2” throw quilt is rated at an intermediate level but the stars are simply constructed using the stitch and flip method. 

Wouldn’t one of these quilts be a lovely addition to your home or perfect for a gift? Maybe all three!



  1. Susan Terpin - September 26, 2013

    Great quilts Ann. Now if that “Cameron” one said David….Hmmm it would look perfect in my little guys room. I really love the “Mix It Up” collection. So bright and playful.

  2. Jenn - October 1, 2013

    Love your posts Ann, I can tell you really take the time on your quilt fabric selections.

  3. Teri - October 1, 2013

    These were all very fitting quilts for each of the collections, good job!