Our top ten books are on sale!

One day I was sitting down for a meeting with our fearless leader Matt, and we were talking about sales and what quilters would want. He asked me if quilters would ever just want a handful of really good books at 50% off. My answer of course was “heck yeah!” and from that, this sale was born. I started with a poll of the Connecting Threads department to see what books they would recommend for quilters. From there, Judy and I tried to “spread the wealth” and get books that would suit beginners to experts and that touched on a variety of topics.

The following is a list of our 10 best picks for every quilter. The best part? Each of these books is 50% off until April 4th!

Organizing solutions for Every Quilter

We chose this book because really, what quilter doesn’t need some organizing inspiration? We have a lot of fabric, books, notions, etc. to fit into spaces that don’t usually measure exactly the same size as our stashes… This book can help give you some ideas to more efficiently fit all of your things and possibly make room for more…

Scrap Quilts, Best of Fons & Porter

This book is a great one because it gives you 32 patterns! It provides great inspiration to use up your stash, and 14 handy techniques. Who doesn’t need to use up some scraps and leftovers from past quilts?

Fast & Furious Family

The quilters here at work love to learn new things.  This book is great for learning to quilt-as-you-go. This technique is great for baby quilts, charity quilts and various other small projects that you want to save time and/or the cost of sending them out to quilt.

English Paper Piecing

Learn to English Paper Piece and you have a license to quilt on the go! This is a great technique to learn that is not only fun but is very portable.

Fast & Fun First Quilts

We chose this book for the beginner quilter or for those looking for quick & easy projects.

Free-motion Machine Quilting 

Whether you are new to machine quilting or want to brush up on your skills, this book is for you. It has practice exercises and a troubleshooting guide. Not to mention inspiration and a gallery of quilting designs. Practice makes perfect!

501 Quilting Motifs 

The title says it all. This is a must-have for your library of quilting designs. It is a great resource for quilters of all skill levels, and the motifs work for both hand and machine quilting.

The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

This popular book is full of interesting letters from The Farmer’s Wife Magazine contest in 1922 and has patterns for the 111 blocks they inspired. This is a great book for quilting group projects.

Tales of First Ladies

Compiled in true Eleanor fashion, you will find quality images and diagrams, unambiguous instructions, detailed and easy to follow lists of fabric requirements — not to mention, it’s just an enjoyable read!  Can’t get better than that!  This book gives us a glimpse into not only the history of our first ladies but into the art form we love so much!

Kim Schaefer’s Calendar Quilts Booklet

Create a fast, fun, and irresistible wall hanging for every month of the year. You’ll want to make them for yourself and for gifts! Several of us have made these and found them both fun and easy to personalize.

Like we said above, get these ten wonderful books for 50% off from now until April 4th. Don’t wait, this sale is limited to stock on hand, while supplies last.


  1. Gayle L. - March 28, 2012

    WOW!!! You sure picked some goodies. I saw several that I would love to add to my library. I think I better go shopping. Yay!

  2. Anna Branch - March 28, 2012

    A couple of suggestions: I prefer paying with PayPal. Would you consider offering that option and, prewound bobbins are a real time saver. I love your Essentials thread and would love to get the bobbins to match.

  3. Mary White - March 28, 2012

    PayPal is a great idea!!
    I’ve been looking at The Farmer’s Wife for awhile now, just didnt want to pay full price (I’m cheap like that…lol)
    I’ll be adding it to my next order since its half off!!

  4. Diane Jasmin-Slattery - March 28, 2012

    Gosh, I only have one of them. They all look fantastic!

  5. Alisha from Connecting Threads - March 29, 2012

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for the suggestions! Connecting Threads has looked at adding a PayPal option however, at this time, it is not something we are able to incorporate. We will pass the pre-wound bobbins suggestion along to our product development team. Thanks so much!