Orca Wall Hanging


Skaggway QA05

This was the table runner in the quilt shop.

If you remember, back in June I talked about a quilt shop I visited when I was on a trip to Alaska. I found a great tribal Orca wall hanging/table runner pattern while at the Rushin’ Tailor Quilt Shop.

I just knew my boy Austin would love it. He was planning on getting married and I thought it would make a perfect wedding gift.

Amie & Austin Pixton Photo Credit: Tami Webb Photography

Amie & Austin Pixton
Photo Credit: Tami Webb Photography

Aren’t they just the cutest?

I let them choose if they wanted the runner or the wall hanging and they both chose the wall hanging version of the pattern. Next came the fabric decision. I had already purchased the beautiful batik border fabric at the quilt shop.

Orca fabric selection


I pulled the background fabric and the fabric for the white and black from my stash. We all felt the darker background went better with the border fabric and provided a better contrast for the orcas.

Next came preparing the fusible applique.

Orca applique 01

Love having full size templates to trace.

Orca Applique 02


There was a lot of cutting.

Orca applique 03

A LOT of cutting! But look at the beautiful result. Once the cutting was done, the project went together quite quickly. I found that using the rotary cutter for the straight parts and a pair of small scissors for the points and rounded edges worked the best and fastest.

Once put together there was the whole…”How do I quilt this thing?” question that had to be answered. I decided to to a back and forth wavy quilting that would give the appearance of water.

Orca quilting


This was by far the tightest most free-motion quilting I have ever done. I think it turned out well.┬áTo tell the truth, it was also the easiest, but I wouldn’t encourage anyone to take a really close look and to own the truth, I did have to rip out a fairly large area of quilting and try again.

All in all I think it turned out well and well worth the effort.

Orca full

After they were married and had moved away, I received a text that showed me exactly where it was hung in their new apartment.

Orca 05





  1. Stephanie Dunphy - March 10, 2015

    Adorable couple and a very lovely gift. That is just amazing all of that precision cutting and wavy quilting! A+++

  2. Ann - March 10, 2015

    Beautiful job! The quilting is perfect for the quilt. I never thought two fish could look romantic but they do! Lucky Austin and his bride!

  3. Mary Agnes - March 10, 2015

    You’re right, Anita, they are the cutest. The quilt is fabulous; it reminds me of the year I lived in AK. What wonderful border fabric!!

  4. Karen - March 10, 2015

    Wow! Great job Anita. What a wonderful gift to give.

  5. Pat V. - March 10, 2015

    Fantastic! I’ve always loved this pattern. Did you do any stitching on the orcas, or just fuse them? I haven’t done too much fusible and was wondering…

    • Anita - March 10, 2015

      Hi Pat, I use fusible applique for most of my applique projects. I used a satin stitch on all the edges of the applique.

  6. Eugenia R. - March 10, 2015

    Anita, you did such a wonderful job! It is beautiful! Your son and daughter-in-law must be so proud of your creative talent. So inspirational!