Omnigrip® 20½” Square Ruler on Sale!

Attention all quilters! Connecting Threads has an assortment of Omnigrip® rulers at 40% off through 9/17/12 (while supplies last). This is a great price for excellent rulers to use with a rotary cutter and self-healing mat.


What prompted me to blog about this sale is the price reduction for the fabulous Omnigrip® 20½” Square Ruler. The regular price is $49.99 and is now $29.99 – a $20 reduction! If you have wanted this ruler but been deterred by the price, this is the time to buy it! Are you asking, “Why would I want a ruler that large?” Let me tell you several reasons why I love this ruler and use it with every quilt project. The 20½” square ruler is:

1.    Terrific for squaring-up quilts when adding binding. In my Binding Basics tutorial, I show how to use a square ruler two ways: to either trim the quilt before sewing on the binding or for marking the quilt, sewing on binding and then trimming. The larger size allows you to quickly and accurately square-up a quilt on each corner; a long ruler is aligned with it to trim the sides between corners.The photo labeled “Both Methods” shows a 12½” square ruler;the 20½” square speeds up the process even more!

2.    Great for facilitating the sometimes daunting task of squaring-up the backing fabric in preparation for quilting. This is especially important preparation for long-arm quilting.
3.    Useful for cutting out large or unusual sizes of fabric or batting. If you have ever struggled, with smaller rulers, to measure and cut fabric and/or batting for a bag, place mat or other quilted project, you   will appreciate the ease of having a larger ruler.
4.    Helpful for squaring-up large quilt blocks, groups of blocks, and the edges of the quilt top before layering the quilt sandwich.
5.    Perfect for cutting the two larger layers of fabric for the grid method of making half-square triangles.

I use these neon green, slip-resistant, laser-printed Omnigrip® rulers for all my projects. Yes, I have most of them, plus several of the older yellow Omnigrid® rulers! This sale is an excellent time to stock up on other ruler sizes and quilting tools. It always helps to have the right tool handy!


  1. Barbara Cline - September 6, 2012

    I use omniegrid rulers all the time. I love the way the markings are easy to read. Omnigrid has made 1/16″ markings easy to cut. These rulers are differently my favorite.

  2. Lhz - June 28, 2013

    The omni grid ruler is on sale for $39.99 not 29.99.