Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress, in Tiger Lily Fabric!

Hi, Everyone! I’m Holly, and I’m the Multimedia Manager at Connecting Threads’ sister company Knit Picks. I’ve written on the CT blog before, and I’m back with another testimonial of a truly great pattern I’ve sewn recently, in a truly adorable fabric. See, I have two daughters named Penny (age 3.5) and Lulu (almost 2), and when I made one of them an Oliver & S Roller Skate Dress in Heather Ross’ Ballerinas fabric, I loved it so much, I had to make two! This is Lulu, in hers:


I’ve loved Heather Ross’ illustrations for a long time now. They’re just so whimsical and sweet. So when I heard Connecting Threads was going to carry the Tiger Lily series, I knew I’d have to make a dress for girls, also whimsical and sweet girls. The Oliver & S Roller Skate Dress was just perfect.


Now, I’m a fan of Oliver & S. That’s for sure. I’ve sewn many of their patterns, but this dress was one of the best. The thing I like so much about it is its simplicity. If you’re new to garment sewing, this is the pattern for you. It’s only a few pattern pieces, and they come together with such ease! There’s no sleeves to set in, no zipper and no buttons. See that ribbon? It’s not even a drawstring! An elastic casing keeps things in order nicely. The dress is lined, too, so you can use lighter color or more sheer fabrics, and know your little ones will be covered. A simple dress that looks so professional; can you ask for more?


What I also like about the Roller Skate Dress pattern is that it really features a fabric. So if you have a favorite print (or a border print, like another Roller Skate Dress I made, recently), this pattern doesn’t chop it up with lots of fussy seams. It kind of lets the fabric (as well as the child) shine.


Doesn’t little Lulu look just darling!?


There are so many more Roller Skate Dresses in my girls’ future, especially since there are two sizes (6 Months to Age 4 as well as Ages 5-12) It’s the kind of pattern that will help me de-stash fabrics, knowing I’ll be making simple garments they’ll wear over and over again. But wait, did I say de-stash my fabric? With all of these adorable Heather Ross prints in the Tiger Lily collection (kitties! butterflies! roses!) I know I’ll be acquiring a lot more yardage. Ohhhhhh….weellllll (she says, smiling).


  1. Nancy - October 22, 2015

    Love this cute little, simple dress, but I also love her salt Water Sandals, I’m wearing mine right now, only in brown. Think I need some red ones next

  2. Shannon o - October 22, 2015

    Adorable dress and even more adorable children. That is THE best age. Language is developing like crazy and personality shining thru:-) .

  3. Meredith - October 22, 2015

    This little dress will be perfect for my twin granddaughters. Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful girls.