October Little Quilt


October Little Quilt is exactly what you would expect, a Halloween celebration!!! We had the most darling Halloween fabric still available for this, Rest in Pieces by Jenni Calo. I’m SO happy to be able to create this months Little Quilt out of that collection.

The first task with the October Little Quilt is to create the Flying Geese. We only need sixteen and since they are the most time intensive, I like to get them done first.

I’m not a tool person, however, when a great tool does come along that I will purchase, I want to share it with you. These new Omnigrid Marking Rulers are fantastic for marking the 1/4″ spacing on the diagonal center of squares. Lay the center line of the ruler on the diagonal corners and mark on each side of the ruler. You can eliminate marking the center line! All the As are marked a 1/4″ on each side of the center.


Lay As in diagonal corners of the H with the drawn lines even with one another. Sew slightly to the inside of the drawn 1/4″ line. Cut through the center.


Press the As away from the H.


Place another A in the corner of the cut H and again sew slightly to the inside of the drawn 1/4″ line. Cut through the center. Press to the A.


This process results in four Flying Geese! You are a quarter of the way done with the Flying Geese.


Sew a Flying Geese just made above to facing sides of the N (center square). Press to the N. Make four. With the remaining Flying Geese, sew an L to facing ends. Press to the L. Make eight.


Voila’! Now we have four cute little spidery, pumpkin stars! Wahoo! The best is yet to come…


Onto the next block…

Sew an M strip to the top and bottom of F. Press.


Subcut the M/F strip into eight units.


Sew a B to the top and bottom of a G. Press. Subcut into four units.

OLQ 10

Sew an M/F unit to facing sides of the B/G unit. Press. You’ll need four.

OLQ 11

And, here we are! I love those goofy pumpkin faces…

OLQ 12

Our final block which is the center block. Since there is only one block we’ll work from individual squares. Sew a J to facing sides of an L and press.

OLQ 14

Likewise, sew an O to facing sides of a D. Press. Now, sew the J/L unit to facing sides of the O/D unit. Press

OLQ 15

Now, here’s the rub…

I don’t like this block. The coloration is all off. There is not enough contrast between the center three pieces so I’m going to change that out. I think I’ll replace the two black spider web squares with the plaid squares. Let’s see what that will look like…

OLQ 17

Yeah, this is more like it! Oh, boy, now I can’t wait until I get this put together! See the finish of the October Little tutorial on 10/9! Come back and see what the final Little Quilt will look like!!!

OLQ 18


  1. Libby - September 21, 2015

    Why are there no sizes in inches in blocks? How big is the square for the flying geese? And how big are the corner squares? What are the widths of the strips M and F? Without this information I would probably not bother with another Little Quilt.

    • Gwynette in NW Arkansas - September 21, 2015

      Libby, connecting threads is SELLING something. This is a tease to get you to buy.

    • Mari - September 21, 2015

      Libby, thank you for your question. The tutorial is tied to a kit and downloadable pattern and both are for purchase. The downloadable pattern will be available October 1st. I really can’t give measurements because of this. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. Linda Froggie - September 21, 2015

    I love it, Mari! But you knew I would. I have at least two of those fabrics. But I still need to make the September little! Thanks for another great project!~

    • Mari - September 22, 2015

      Yay Froggie!!! You are very welcome!!!

  3. Libby - September 22, 2015

    Thank you for the input. I will watch for the kit on 10/1.