October Candle Mat

Happy October! Yep, I know, this October Candle Mat was predictable, right?! But, this little pumpkin guy is so cute with his smiley face and sparkly eyes. He sports a skeleton chin and a pirate hat (stem). The little 3-1/2″ blocks along the side are very easy to assemble and it’s fusible appliqué. You can really have him constructed in an afternoon!

I made him out of our Quilter’s Candy which works so well for all the candle mats. I chose to do my button hole stitch by hand and I do love the look. It really doesn’t take much time and it’s a great to do the stitching in the evening watching television.



  1. Amanda Best - September 3, 2013

    Super cute! By far my favorite of the candle mat patterns.

  2. Barbara Colvin - September 3, 2013

    This guy is perfect for use as mug rugs, too. Won’t he be fun to have smiling up at us while sipping mugs of hot cider?

  3. Barbara - September 3, 2013

    Cute! I might even try it!

  4. Laurie - September 3, 2013

    He’s adorable!!! I need this pattern for sure!

  5. Kathy - September 3, 2013

    Love this little pumpkin pirate. Are you planning on making a kit for him?

  6. Steph - September 3, 2013

    Love it! Started on a Halloween quilt today this would go perfect with it!

  7. Mari - September 4, 2013

    Thank you everyone! No, there are no plans to make the candle mat a kit but you can download him for free and I used Quilter’s Candy for him so that is so easily ordered. I believe he only takes 5 or 6 FQs.

  8. Donna Caudill - September 4, 2013

    going to make these. Maybe a big one for the center of table and smaller for glasses and cups.

  9. Joy Gross - September 5, 2013

    Mari, another cutie!