November Little Quilt ~ Part 2

NovLQ15 T

Here we are at the second half of the November Little Quilt! Can you believe we are almost finished with the Little Quilt Series?! I can’t! It seems like yesterday that we just started, and here we are almost back to January! Amazing! So, here is my finished November Little Quilt constructed from fat quarters given as a gift with a New York City theme. Love it! Pssst… did you notice my humility block? LOL! Yep, I get caught too!!! LOL!!!

There are kits of the November Little Quilt still available and today the November Little Quilt paid download pattern is available!

NovLQ15 F

This is where we left off two weeks ago with all the blocks completed. All that’s left is putting it all together…

NovLQ15 H

We are beginning with a corner, sewing the corner triangle onto one block. I do this by identifying the center of both block and triangle with a pin and…

NovLQ15 J

with RST, match pins and run one through to secure the middles together.

NovLQ15 K

Two setting triangles are sewn to facing sides and that finishes the first row.

NovLQ15 L

All seams are pressed to the dark throughout the whole project.

NovLQ15 M

The next row consists of two spool blocks along with one Lady Liberty middle square.

NovLQ15 N

After pressing to the dark a setting triangle is sewn to facing ends.

NovLQ15 O


The  first and second rows are sewn together and pressed to the second row.

NovLQ15 P

The third row is constructed (and this is the center of the quilt), and corner triangles are sewn to facing ends. It was a challenge making sure Lady Liberty was sewn all in the same direction!

NovLQ15 Q

The forth and fifth rows are constructed just as the first and second, and sewn to the body of the quilt. Now here’s a story for ya…

So I didn’t even see my block error until I was cleaning up all my photos and preparing them for this blog. That means the quilt was all finished, quilted, and bound before I saw the mistake! Now I have to live with this!!! So funny! I didn’t even see it!

NovLQ15 R

The side borders are added and…

NovLQ15 S

the top and bottom borders are sewn to the quilt.

NovLQ15 T

I quilted in the ditch and echoed quilted the border every 3/8″. The bottom border is a little bigger because I wanted to use the whole scene from the fabric. I love it! It’s just so New York, or at least what I imagine it to be. Now, go get the November Little pattern download!

NovLQ15 U


Just wanted to show the back this time because I love the fabric!!! Voilá!


  1. Mary Agnes - November 2, 2015

    Don’t worry, Mari. The subway is always getting messed up.

    • Mari - November 2, 2015

      Thank you Mary Agnes!!!

  2. Sandy - November 2, 2015

    What is that fabric?? I love it!

    • Mari - November 2, 2015

      Sandy, the kit fabric is Lasting Legacies. The fabric for the November Little shown here is a FQ sampler from NY City. All the FQs are themed NY City.

  3. D Suibhne - November 4, 2015

    Absolutely FABULOUS!
    BEAUTIFULLY executed and crafted.
    Thanks for sharing you talent and ALL the gorgeous close-up photos as well as hints on piecing.

    • Mari - November 4, 2015

      Will thank you D Suibhne! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tutorial!