Mystery Quilt 2016 – Part 3

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It is time for the final installment of the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along pattern! The mystery of the quilt’s design is unveiled and quilt along members may discover what they have been making! For those of you following along on NotionsMysteryQuilt2016-Part 3 (Revised) – Error found: Step 20 measurement should be 21-1/2″ square (not 20-1/2″).

You can download Part 3 PDF for free: MysteryQuilt2016-ColorationVariationsReduced

Mystery Quilt 2016 – Coloration Variations
Just for fun, I added a PDF showing all the coloration variations for Mystery Quilt 2016 suggested in the Fabric Selection Suggestions handout. To me, it is amazing how the same quilt can look in different fabrics. There is also a page at the end that shows a blank design so you can color it in with other ideas: MysteryQuilt2016-ColorationVariationsReduced

Quick Links:
Mystery Quilt 2016 Fabric Selection Suggestions Revised 3-3-16
will help with choosing fabrics.
MysteryQuilt2016-Part 1
is the first pattern installment.
MysteryQuilt2016-Part 2
is the second pattern installment.
MysteryQuilt2016-Part 3
is the third pattern installment.

Additional Resources:
I would recommend reviewing the Perfect Points and the Positioning Pin Tutorial on the CT website.

Photo Page:
You can see photos of Part 3 blocks and finished quilts (or quilt tops) by members of the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along group on Quilt with Us (QWU) in the Part 3 & Beyond Member Photos discussion under Discussion Forum. You may post your photos there as well by becoming a member (see below).

Note: Part 3 blocks and completed quilts should not be posted on the group’s Comment Wall in order to preserve the mystery quilt experience as long as needed for those who are still working their quilts or may join in the future.

Mystery Quilt 2016 – Conclusion
The last quilt along blog post will be on Wednesday, April 9th. However, people will still be able to join and add comments/questions on QWU for many months after that.

Not Yet a Mystery Quilt 2016 Member?
You may participate in the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along either on Notions or QWU .

Notions –  If you are new to the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along , you can look back at the blog postings on Mystery Quilt 2016 – Fabric Selection Suggestions, Mystery Quilt 2016 – Part 1, and Mystery Quilt 2016 – Part 2. Please note, Ann will be responding to questions and comments about the pattern only on QWU.

Quilt with Us If you are not yet a member of the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along , it is not too late to join on QWU! We will try to show Part 3 blocks and finished quilts only in a separate place under Discussion Forum so those still working on their quilts can continue without knowing the final design. Visit the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along to follow the lively questions and comments of the eager, chatty, and supportive group. Members are also starting to post their finished quilt photos on the Photo Page.


  1. Sara Medd - March 30, 2016

    I love this quilt! Thanks so much for presenting it. I love mysteries in general and CT never disappoints. Mine is in cool jewel tones.

  2. Ann - March 30, 2016

    Thanks Sara! The members on Quilt with Us are excited too. I am glad you are pleased with the mystery – I am already designing next year’s MQ. I think it may have an option for scrappy and/or FQs.

  3. Ann - March 30, 2016

    Pattern Error:
    Error found: Step 20 measurement should be 21-1/2″ square (not 20-1/2″).

  4. Lynn Frank - March 31, 2016

    Ann, i have been quilting for two years now, something I’ve always wanted to do but it had to wait until I retired. This was my first mystery quilt and I enjoyed it very much. I purchased the folk blossom fabrics and just love how my quilt top came out. I’m looking forward to doing another mystery quilt. Do you have a recommendation for a backing for my folk blossom top?

  5. Marcia LeGrand - April 4, 2016

    Hi, I didn’t see the Part 3 correction until yesterday, after I’d gotten to step 24. So my step 23 was a bit skewed but figured this was my inexperience. Step 24 strip of square in squares are off by an inch! So please tell me how to fix this. I do not know other than scrapping this and starting over or just jamming the points together, ( they actually look really good right now????) My step 20 is 20.5″ and step 23 is 29.5. So, any suggestions?

  6. Marcia LeGrand - April 4, 2016

    Thanks so much, I’ll try that and let you know how it goes.

  7. Marcia LeGrand - April 5, 2016

    Ann, any hints on how I can do the small binding yet keep the squares in squares lined up down the side? I don’t like that the two inside the small add-on binding want to offset.

  8. Marcia LeGrand - April 5, 2016

    Here’s what I’ve done and it seems to fit okay. I put the border around the center and it helped but my strip unit from step 24 was still too long. ( I think the strip should have been wider to make up for it being on point. Maybe not, only been playing at this a little over a year.) So I sewed a seam down the center of the second and forth squares on the strip making them smaller, but maintaining the integrity of the design, so then the strip fit. I am moving on. Where should I send a pic if you want to see?

  9. Marcia LeGrand - April 6, 2016

    Love how this quilt turned out in spite of some problems due to my excitement and jumping right in to it. I think I learned a lot from concentrating on individual parts. Everyone who sees it says it’s beautiful, and they don’t know or see the changes made. So, THANK YOU, for putting this together for us and for your help. Look forward to the next one!