Mystery Quilt 2016: Fabric Selection

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The Mystery Quilt 2016 is almost here! Connecting Threads is offering a Mystery Quilt Along to celebrate National Quilt Month in March. Mystery Quilt 2014 was a big success with 356 enthusiastic and supportive members. Mystery Quilt 2016, our third mystery quilt adventure, promises to be lots of fun for all as well. We think you will enjoy making this attractive pattern with its three free weekly installments. The catch is that you won’t know what the quilt looks like until Part 3!

What size is the quilt?
The finished quilt will be a lap quilt or throw, approximately 57-1/2 x 69-1/2″.

How do I select my fabric?
The difficulty with a mystery quilt is choosing fabrics when you don’t know what you are making! In the Mystery Quilt 2016 Fabric Selection Suggestions Revised 3-3-16, I show the 6 fabrics used in the pattern and 12 additional combinations of Connecting Threads fabrics that will work for this pattern. You may select from these fabrics or choose your own using the combinations as guidelines for colors and light, medium and dark value placement. It is time to select and order your fabric so you’ll be ready for Part 1 of the Mystery Quilt 2016, to be posted on Wednesday, March 16th. 

Download Free PDF  here:
Mystery Quilt 2016 Fabric Selection Suggestions Revised 3-3-16

How do I join the quilt along?
You may join the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along Group on Quilt with Us (QWU) or follow along here on Notions. Joining QWU, CT‘s social network website, is free and easy. Many of you, who are already members, have experienced this fun and supportive CT quilting community.

What are the dates of the quilt along?
Part 1 – Wednesday, March 16th
Part 2 – Wednesday, March 23th
Part 3 – Wednesday, March 30th
Conclusion – Wednesday, April 6th

Where will I find the pattern?
The Mystery Quilt 2016 pattern is written in three parts. The pattern will be downloadable as free PDFs for the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along Group on QWU and here on Notions.

What skill level is this quilt?
The quilt is on the border between easy and intermediate; it would not be suitable as a first quilt. There are two common piecing techniques; no appliqué or paper-piecing. A confident beginner, with experience sewing 1/4″ seams, may find the quilt a challenge but doable. I will answer questions as part of the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along Grouponly on QWU (not on Notions). Other QWU quilt along participants are good about answering questions and offering support and suggestions as well. Links to related tutorials will be provided. It may be fun and helpful to do the quilt along with a quilting buddy or group of quilters.

Any special tools required? Only general sewing supplies. One helpful tool would be the 81639 Omnigrip Neon 6-1/2″ Square Ruler.

I hope you will join us for the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along starting March 16th! It going to be a fun and mysterious quilting adventure!


  1. Ann - March 2, 2016

    Our Internet connection has been down here at CT since early this morning. A mistake was found on the PDF by members on Quilt with Us. I corrected the PDF but cannot link to it without Internet connection. Here are the corrections on page 1:
    Fabric 3 is 8574 Resplendence Multi 1/2 yd
    Fabric 4 is 8588 Tangled Grape Juice
    I will post the corrected PDF when possible. I appreciate your patience!

    • Jane Barklimore - March 8, 2016

      Hi Ann. Please feel free to replace and/or change the length of fabric as you see fit. What’s a little PDF glitch between quilters? We can always fudge something:))
      Cheers Jane Barklimore

  2. Jane Barklimore - March 2, 2016

    If I may ask a question on this site, how expensive would the postage for all the fabric required for the quilt top be to Australia? Is there any kind of “postage incentive?” ie. Free shipping over $75? I would love to take part in the Mystery Quilt, but am just being a bit cautious as to P&H costs. Thanks for your time. Jane Barklimore.

    • Ann - March 3, 2016

      Jane – Good news! We currently have free shipping to Australia for orders over $75. I do not know how long it will last but this would be a good time to order. I do hope you will join us. How exciting to think someone in Australia is doing my Mystery Quilt! You may enjoy following along with the Mystery Quilt 2016 Quilt Along on Quilt with Us – the quilt along group with the link above.

  3. Patricia Johnston - March 3, 2016

    The link to the pdf for the fabric requirements isn’t working. I can’t get to the pdf to download it.

    • Ann - March 3, 2016

      Please try again – I was just posting a revised (corrected) version. I apologize for the problem. Let me know if it still does not work.

  4. Pat - March 3, 2016

    Any Idea about the postage to be sent to Gibsons BC Canada? I really would like to do this quilt but am handicapped and on a very limited income. I have wanted to do o ne of your quilts in the last 2 years as I think they are so doable and colourful. Very pretty.

    • Ann - March 3, 2016

      Pat, right now, there is free shipping over $75 order. If that doesn’t help, decide which fabric combination you want. The Quilter’s Candy Basics are the least expensive…and be sure to check the clearance fabrics too. You can figure out the cost with shipping – by putting the items in your cart and going to checkout. It should figure the shipping for you. Or – call our Customer Service 1-800-574-64354 and let them help you when you know the items you want. If you have any problems, please let me know.

  5. da'Mama - March 10, 2016

    Bought the Symphony and Rhapsody kit from Connecting Threads. Woo is me, I cannot find the pattern any more and will need to purchase another one. Please Help.