Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 3 is Finally Here!

It is time for the final installment of  Mystery Quilt 2014! The mystery of the quilt’s design is unveiled and quilt along members may discover what they have been making! For those of you following along on Notions:

You can download Part 3 PDF for free: Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 3
You can download Part 3 Notes PDF for free:  Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 3 Notes

Additional Resources:
Part 1  &  Part 2 had lots of cutting and piecing. Part 3 has minimal cutting (only the Gs) but lots of piecing with many points to keep sharp and some diagonal lines to keep straight between blocks. Just for fun, four diagonal lines come together when blocks are joined. Sound familiar? These were skills that were addressed in the Perfect Points Sampler Quilt Along two years ago. I would recommend reviewing the Perfect Points and the Positioning Pin Tutorial on the CT website or download the PDF in the Quick Links section below. The Part 3 Notes  provide some additional instructional notes and photos, a discussion of secondary patterns,  and images of the quilt in a dozen other colorations.

Mystery Quilt 2014 Quick Links:
Fabric Selection Suggestions PDF
will help with choosing fabrics.
Part 1 PDF
is the first pattern installment.
Part 1 Notes PDF
provides additional instruction and photos for Part 1.
Part 2 PDF
is the second pattern installment.
Part 2 Notes PDF
provides additional instruction and photos for Part 2.
Part 3 PDF 
is the third pattern installment.
Part 3 Notes PDF
provides additional instruction and photos for Part 3.
Perfect Points & the Positioning Pin Tutorial PDF
addresses the use of a positioning pin and maintaining sharp points and straight diagonal lines between blocks.
Blank Drawing & Other Sizes PDF – Added 4/3 to provide blank drawing to color in and some brief information on enlarging the quilt other sizes.

Photo Page:
You can see photos of Part 3 blocks and finished quilts (or quilt tops) by members of the Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along group on Quilt with Us in the Part 3 & Beyond Member Photos discussion under Discussion Forum. You may post your photos there as well by becoming a member (see below).

Note: Part 3 blocks and completed quilts should not be posted on the group’s Comment Wall in order to preserve the mystery quilt experience as long as needed for those who are still working their quilts.

Mystery Quilt 2014 – Conclusion
The last quilt along blog posting on Notions will be on Wednesday, April 9th. However, people will still be able to join and add comments/questions on Quilt with Us for many months after that.

Not Yet a Mystery Quilt 2014 Member?
You may participate in Mystery Quilt 2014 either on Notions or Quilt with Us .

Notions –  If you are new to Mystery Quilt 2014, you can look back at the blog postings on Mystery Quilt 2014 – Fabric Selection Suggestions, Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 1, and Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 2. Please note, Ann will be responding to questions and comments about the pattern only on Quilt with Us.

Quilt with Us – The Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along has grown to over 340  members! If you are not yet a member of the Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along, it is not too late to join on Quilt with Us! We will try to show Part 3 blocks and finished quilts only in a separate place under Discussion Forum so those still working on their quilts can continue without knowing the final design. Visit the The Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along to follow the lively questions and comments of the eager, chatty, and supportive group. Members are also starting to post their finished quilt photos on the Photo Page.


  1. Michelle Smith - April 3, 2014

    Is there a blank “coloring page” for this quilt. So we can try out our own colors? Last years mystery included one. I am wondering if I missed this years some how.

    • Ann - April 3, 2014

      Please see comment below about added document.

  2. Ann - April 3, 2014

    Michelle – Yes, there was a blank design for coloring in with last year’s mystery quilt. I will do one for this year’s design as well and include it in next Wednesday’s blog posting here on Notions and on Quilt with Us – which will be the concluding blog of the quilt along. Thanks for mentioning it!

  3. Pat Oberg - April 3, 2014

    Hi Ann, It has been a while since I have joined in on Quilt With Us, but I am a constant customer of Connecting Threads. I am curious about this Mystery Quilt 2014 project and have tried to download parts 1 and 2 and now 3, but have not been successful. I am really a novice on my laptop also! Can you give me a little direction as to how to download. Thank you so much. Pat

    • Ann - April 3, 2014

      Oh dear, I am better at causing than fixing computer problems! I am pretty sure the documents links are okay on both Notions and QWU. The first step is usually to click on the document and hint PRINT. Sometimes you are asked to open it. You may not have Adobe Reader on your can be downloaded for free. Perhaps you can ask someone, or the store where you bought it, what you need to do to download PDFs online with your laptop. You could also try downloading on Quilt with Us on the Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along page – that shouldn’t make a difference though. Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

  4. Ann - April 3, 2014

    Michelle, I added a PDF called Blank Drawing & Other Sizes to the Quick Links section above and the Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along on Quilt with Us. Hope it is helpful!

    • Michelle Smith - April 4, 2014!

  5. Mary Swartz - April 4, 2014

    There is a typo in the part 3 Instrucions. Step 19. should read 40 1/2″ NOT 44 1/2″.

    • Ann - April 8, 2014

      Thanks Mary, I will change it in pattern and let the quilt along members know. Good catch!