Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along: Part 3!


WOW! Time has come for the mystery to be solved; Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along members will finally know what their finished quilt will look like. For those of you following on Notions and Quilt with Us, the eagerly awaited final pattern installment is here.

Spoiler Alert! If you would like to start the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along now or haven’t finished  Part 1 and Part 2, you will want to wait to download the conclusion to the pattern to maximize the mystery quilt experience.

You can download Part 3 PDF Pattern for free, here.

The Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along has over 410 members! What a fun, enthusiastic, chatty, and supportive group! Visit the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along on Quilt with Us to follow the lively discussion on the Comment Wall and posted pictures of members’ progress on the Photo Pages.

Please let us see your assembled quilt top!
Quilters enjoy mystery quilts because of the adventurous aspect of not knowing, until the end, what they are making. The other really fun part is seeing the same quilt made in a variety of fabrics. Believe me, the fabric selections of the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along members are incredible! I know we will be amazed and delighted to see each other’s quilts (tops at least) this coming week. Please post a photo of your completed project on the Photo Pages on Quilt with Us so we can ooh! and aah!over your accomplishment!

Not Yet a Member?
It is not too late to join the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along on Quilt with Us! The Fabric Selection Suggestions PDF will help with choosing fabrics. You can read more about the quilt along Notions, in the Introduction, Part 1, and Part 2 blog posts, or on Quilt with Us in the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along. Please note, Ann will be responding to questions and comments only on Quilt with Us. Please join us in the fun! 

The Quilt Along Wrap-Up
Monday, March 25th will be the last official blog posting on Notions and Quilt with Us about the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along. The comments, questions, responses and photos from the members and Ann will continue on the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along page on Quilt with Us for quite awhile.

I do hope you like the design! Enjoy!


  1. Lori - March 18, 2013

    Come on five o’clock. I want to go home and sew!! This is really cool!

  2. Judy Flanders - March 18, 2013

    part 3 certainly is the mystery quilt. When I click on “here” I get a completely blank page!!! Help please.

  3. Alisha - March 18, 2013

    Hi Judy – if you’re still having trouble, this link should work:

  4. Rita Goshorn - March 23, 2013

    thank you for this pattern … i’m can’t work on it right away, but i’ve got it on my list and the fabric puttled for it.