Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along: Part 2!


WOW! The Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along is growing with over 378 members! Part 2 is here and ready to download for this eager, chatty, and supportive group to enjoy. Visit the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along on Quilt with Us to follow the lively discussion on the Comment Wall and posted pictures of members’ progress on the Photo Pages.

You can download Part 2 PDF Pattern for free, here.


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Connecting Threads tutorialsto complement Mystery Quilt 2013: Part 2 include:
Perfect Points and the Positioning PIn
tutorial, from last years’s quilt along, will provide instruction and illustrations for maintaining sharp points and straight diagonal lines within and between blocks.
Flying Geese – Variable Stars

Not Yet a Member?
If you are not yet a member of the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along, it is not too late to join on Quilt with Us! Part 1, posted last week, goes quickly, so you can easily catch up and get started on Part 2. The Fabric Selection Suggestions PDF will help with choosing fabrics. You can read more about the quilt along Notions, in the introduction and Part 1 blog posts, or on Quilt with Us in the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along. Please note, Ann will be responding to questions and comments only on Quilt with Us. Please join us in the fun!

Part 3 Comes Next Week!
The Mystery Quilt 2013: Part 3 will be posted next Monday, March 18th on Quilt with Us and Notions. The mystery of the quilt’s design will be unveiled and quilt along members will discover what they have been making!


  1. Helen - March 11, 2013

    links for part 2 not working!

  2. Purves - March 11, 2013

    The link to part 2 is not working. When do you expect to fix it. Looking forward to working on Part 2

  3. Ann - March 11, 2013

    The link to the Part 2 PDF is now fixed. Thanks for letting us know about the problem.

  4. Karen Butzen - March 12, 2013

    Found it! Thanks!

  5. Carole - March 12, 2013

    Where on the ‘comments box’ is the place to not follow emails?

  6. Alisha - March 12, 2013

    Hi Carole,
    Directly underneath the comments box on Quilt With Us, there is a little button that says “Stop Following”. If you click that, you will no longer get emails when others post comments. I hope that helps!