My Island Holiday Quilt

I love Rivera II and had so much fun designing with it that I created six different color ways of my Island Holiday Quilt!  The combinations of beautiful were endless!  Rarely do I choose two focals for a quilt, however, the focal; Paradise is especially stunning, brimming with detail and color.  It was very difficult to make a final choice.

I chose the Paradise focals in Light Ocean Mist and Cherry because they played off each other so effectively and truly bestowed a “paradise” finish to the quilt.  The color, light ocean mist, depicts water and cherry, Hibiscus and Passion Flower.  Assuredly, they are island hues that provide a gander at the breathtaking, natural beauty seen in that environment.

The supporting prints, Floral Lace, Tropical Breeze and Bikini Dots, speak for themselves and are effective blenders in the quilt design.  Being few, they add a punch that measurably increases movement and delineates the angles.

Made from one block, the quilt is designed in four quadrants creating the configuration you see.  The block is challenging, as you are working with bias sides of triangles, however, the skill-building technique is rewarding.  This is not a quilt one would speed through, but enjoy developing into something significantly exquisite!


  1. Diane Jasmin-Slattery - May 15, 2012

    Love the colors! Gorgeous!

  2. Ramona - May 15, 2012

    Beautiful quilt. Beautiful fabrics. Love these together.

  3. elsa - May 16, 2012

    This quilt is so pretty, love the colors.

  4. RANCHMOM - May 16, 2012

    Mari, the quilt is beautiful. Love the Riveria fabrics!

  5. Lou Ann Bucheimer - May 16, 2012

    I fell in love with it in the catalog!

  6. Mari - May 16, 2012

    Thank you so much! You’re all too kind!

  7. Cindy Radtke - May 17, 2012

    Yeah, my backordered kit is coming. Now it can get in line with my other kits. Rec’d other fabrics from this line today. They are scrumptous. Such a happy line.

  8. Amanda Best - May 18, 2012

    This is such a pretty quilt and lovely fabric. Great job, Mari!

  9. Cindy Radtke - May 18, 2012

    Mari, would love to see what this looked like in other color combinations. Bet they were stunning as well. Can’t wait to get started on mine!