Mum’s The Word Wall Hanging

What a joy this Mum’s The Word wall hanging was to quilt.  I feel like picking that beautiful flower!

I loaded this darling wall hanging onto my longarm and pondered what to do with it.  I asked myself, “How can I bring this flat garden scene to life?”  And then, I felt the warm breeze of summer and fans moving gently to cool.  A petal took shape and then two.  Suddenly, each petal of the flower started popping off the creamy background and behind the blossom, wind began to dance profusely.  Those half-square triangles became my fans and the lovely border soon became a garden pushing that flower up towards the sun that was throwing out rays from each corner. 

How can anyone not be happy looking at that? Beautiful bright pinks and lush greens with a pop of turquoise makes me feel energized and ready to go plant my garden!  The great news is, spring is almost here!

The Montecito Collection will bring a lively and colorful beauty to any project you choose to create! 


  1. kaholly - January 12, 2012

    It’s just precious! I’ve had my eye on that pattern/kit!

  2. Tonya - January 12, 2012

    so pretty, love it

  3. Mary White - January 13, 2012

    So many projects, so little time!!

  4. Cat Lady - January 13, 2012

    I really like the way the Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek alternated the pointed and curved Dresden petals for this design. It really fits in with the Monticeto collection of fabrics.

  5. Amanda - January 14, 2012

    Very beautiful! The pattern, and fabric are great, and the quilting really goes with the design. I love it. I wish I had an empty slot on my to-do list and this would go in it!

  6. Lou Ann - January 16, 2012

    When I was teaching and was asked how I decided how to quilt things, my reply was that, “My quilts speak to me”. I’m happy to read your notes about your quilting, and it is obvious that your quilts speak to you too, Mari. What a great quilt and description!!!

  7. Joanna - January 19, 2012

    Just love your description on your quilting process!! Bravo!! Love to overall look of the finished quilting too, it really brought life to the flower and the wind is perfect. You have me rethinking the way I will approach my quilting projects in the future. 😀

  8. Virginia S. - January 21, 2012

    You quilted it beautifully! I like the way you quilted the background behind the flower and the half square triangle fans! Very nice!

  9. Mari - January 23, 2012

    Thank you so much for your comments regarding my quilting! That is very kind! Mari