Mini Spools Mini Quilt

I have been eyeing the latest trend of doing mini quilts. I love them, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to work with little pieces. Let’s be honest, I’m not that accurate of a piecer. But I like the idea of a small quilt that I can practice my quilting. Well, one my dear friends from my quilt group was moving and I thought a mini quilt was just the thing to send her off with all of our love. So I was on the hunt for a mini quilt that I felt I could do.

Camille Roskelley from Thimble Blossoms‘ pattern Mini Spools as the perfect fit.

The pattern calls for charms, but instead, I dug through my scrap bin for 27 different fabric scraps.  I decided to keep each spool in the same color family, like our variegated thread spools. Here is my finished project:

Mini Spools 1

I just love how it turned out and my friend did too.

Mini Spools 2


I even did the free-motion quilting inside the spools with variegated thread just to keep the look.

Mini Spools 3

I brought along some fabric pens with me (a sharpie works too) to our quilt group and had everyone there sign it, before we sent her off with it. (Sorry, silly me forgot to take a picture of that.)  As she hangs it in her new sewing room, she will have each of us with her cheering her on from miles away.




  1. Barb - November 13, 2014

    Super cute! What a great little quilt, and such a good send off gift. Way to go. I just might have to steal your idea!

  2. Teri - November 13, 2014

    Love it! What a nice idea for a gift too.

  3. Mari - November 13, 2014

    Love it Anita! Especially the spools. Mini quilts are so awesome!

  4. Cheryl - November 13, 2014

    What a cute gift. Perfect for hanging on the wall of a quilting room. I might have to try my hand a a mini.

  5. Stephanie Dunphy - November 13, 2014

    A wonderful gift idea. You spools absolutely look like variegated thread and I love the motion of your quilting. Minis are definitely hot right now.

  6. Camille - November 13, 2014

    Love it, Anita! What a lucky friend you have!

  7. Jenni - November 14, 2014

    SO cute! Next you should do a mini quilt with figs all over! he he!