Mini Pumpkins Topper

I am not a huge Halloween fan. I’m not against it, but I just want to decorate for Fall and be done with it.  I do LOOOOOVE pumpkins however, so when I saw Mini Pumpkins Table Treat by Lynne Hagmeier’s design from Kansas Trouble’s, I jumped at the chance to make it.

It is only 17 inches and the pumpkins are fusible applique so it is small enough to make in a day.  The hardest part was cutting the 17″ circle, which I did by making a 1/4 circle template using 8-1/2″ of string and a pencil.  The 10″ square was a lot easier using the new tool TrueCut 360 Precision Circle Cutter. Seriously the easiest way to cut circles up to 12″. If you don’t have this tool and you like doing candle mats or projects with circles, you should totally get this tool. I’ve used other circle cutters without much success, but this one is so easy to use. (OK, commercial over not back to the topper)

The pattern can easily be made using FQs for the circles, backing, and binding with scraps for the pumpkins.  Anyway, here is how mine turned out:

Mini Pumpkins 02

Don’t you love how my little wood pumpkins look on top of the Mini Pumpkins? I do!

If you have never done binding on a circular project, I found that using Wonder Clips was very helpful to hold the binding while I sewed.

MIni Pumpkins 01


Here are some more pictures, just because…

Mini Pumpkins 05

Mini Pumpkins 03




  1. Ann - November 3, 2014

    Cute little topper Anita. Don’t you just love small projects! They are so satisfying to complete and use.

  2. JENNI - November 4, 2014

    Very cute! I don’t know why but I want to say “pickled peppered pumpkin”.

  3. Sharla - November 9, 2014

    Hi Anita, this is So cute, I love it! I use the wonder clips all the time when I am sewing binding and love them.