Ziggy Table Runner


I volunteered to make the Ziggy Table Runner, one of the versions in Mini Charmers 1 pattern by Heather Mulder Peterson.The three designs in the pattern are intended for use with mini charms samplers of 2-1/2″ squares but work well also with 2-1/2″ strips, yardage, and scraps.

I wanted to make the Ziggy Table Runner in neutral fabrics to go on top of a secretary dresser in our new guest bedroom for foreign exchange students. For the fabrics, I used a variety of scraps from current and previous CT fabric collections and my stash for the HSTs. One side of all the HSTs was the same fabric which forms the prominent zigzag pattern. I used Solid Latte fabric from the Quilter’s Candy Basics collection.

3930 Solid Latte

The finished size needed to be less than 10″ x 21″. Since the pattern size was 13-3/4″ x 25-1/8″ and I wanted to maintain the zigzag design, I made my HSTs a bit smaller (1-1/2″ square finished) and omitted the borders.

The HTSs are sewn into rows following the pattern design; then the rows are sewn together. Careful piecing is important because it is a bit tricky to work with small HSTs and maintain straight diagonal lines between the units. I pinned a lot and used a positioning pin when needed.

One great thing about CT is that the fabric and thread colors are usually coordinated. This makes finding a matching thread color for machine piecing, appliqué, and quilting easy. I used regular Essential 100% cotton thread in Latte to match  Solid Latte fabric. I didn’t have any Café Latte variegated thread, but it would have worked well also.

3930 Solid Latte

Essential 100% Cotton Thread – Latte

Café Latte – Variegated

I used a Frixion pin to draw three lines 1/4″ apart along the Latte zigzag area. The lines disappeared easily after pressing with a steam iron.

Pilot Frixion pens – available at office supply stores

After quilting, I used a 8-1/2″ wide long acrylic ruler to square-up and trim the table runner in preparation for binding.


Here is the finished Ziggy Table Runner hanging on a wall…


and on top of the secretary dresser in the guest bedroom.


The Ziggy Table Runner is one of a group of quilted projects I am making for this room. Please check back in the next few weeks to see other projects done in this neutral palette.

For other ideas to use 2-1/2″ mini charm squares, you can also check out the designer’s other pattern, Mini Charmers 2.


  1. Barb S. - April 24, 2015

    Wonderful, super cute runner! I am glad to see it done in another size, as well as other color options – easier to visualize how it will work in my home.

    • Ann - April 27, 2015

      Thanks Barb! When the CT staff make projects to blog about, we are encouraged to adapt a pattern to our needs and add personal touches so people can see the potential. I am glad my changes helped you visualize how it could work in your home. I like the small size of this table runner and the graphic impact of the zigzag. It really is a versatile pattern depending on the fabrics you choose.

  2. Marilyn Lessner - April 24, 2015

    Love the subtle Latte colors that you used. This looks like a good pattern for using up lots of small scraps of fabric that all quilters have. I also like the 2nd pattern shown as I am really drawn to the basket style table topper. Great job Ann!

    • Ann - April 27, 2015

      Thanks Marilyn! This table runner is an excellent way to use up scraps in a stash. I have enjoyed making a series of small projects to decorate a guest bedroom. Check back soon – I finished a pillow in neutral colors and hope to blog on it this week.

      The basket table runner in Mini Charmers 2 is cute…I also like the design to its left with a 3-D effect.

  3. Judith Green - April 25, 2015

    Wonderful layout with your subtle, yet so striking neutral color palette. Love it!

    • Ann - April 27, 2015

      Thanks Judith! I enjoy working with neutrals – the impact of the design relies more upon color value contrast than the colors themselves. It has been fun to accumulate a stash of neutral fabrics and use them in a series of projects. I actually love bright colors but find neutrals pleasing as well. The zigzag design has a lot of movement which adds to the visual impact of this small table runner.

  4. Amanda Best - April 27, 2015

    Very neat! It will be a great addition to a guest room. I think it adds a bit of comfort with out overwhelming what ever color/theme your new exchange student might like. Great job!

    • Ann - April 27, 2015

      Thanks Amanda! I chose a neutral theme partly because, so far, we have had college-aged male students and the color scheme seems, well, gender neutral. Plus – I enjoy working with the palette and have a large stash of light, medium, and dark tonals and prints. I hope to blog about the finished room sometime soon, so please check back.