Merry Stocking Pattern

Let me start this off by admitting that I am a complete freak about Christmas. I absolutely love everything about it and am counting down the days till it’s socially acceptable to begin decorating and filling my home with Christmas joy. In my mind that would be before Halloween, but I have to take my husband’s opinion into consideration (boo!).

With that said, I naturally chose a very Christmasy pattern for Gifty Galore. I made the “simple stocking” of the Merry stocking set by Thimble Blossoms. Even though it was 80 degrees outside, I still sat at my sewing table quietly humming White Christmas and sewing up my stocking.

I have plans to do the zig-zag and pinwheel stockings as well, but these summer months have been busier than I anticipated! It didn’t take me too long to put together the “simple” one. The basic construction was easy enough and the quilting was my first attempt at it, so if you’ve quilted before you could probably finish one in a couple of hours. I did have a bit of trouble figuring out the fabric requirements (specifically for the pinwheel and zig-zag version) so I do recommend taking a good look at that before you pick your fabric out. A big thanks to Deb for helping me figure that part out though!

I’m sure the other versions that require piecing will be a little more time-consuming, but I’m sure these would go rather quickly for someone who is a little more advanced than me. The options are endless for color and print combinations. In fact, I had a bit of a hard time deciding which fabrics to use. With my husband’s help, I settled on a slightly more modern combination of turquoise, white, gray and cherry from our solids, but think that they could be really cute in just about anything.

When I’m finished with these, I might just make a few more of the simple ones to give out as gifts to some of my friends and family! In the meantime I’ll be anxiously awaiting the day I can display these on my mantel! 

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  1. Linda Christianson - August 7, 2012

    Cute stocking. Direction can be a challenge. Often the pictures look good, but the direction are terrible. It is always wise to read over the direction before staring any project. Even if it look simple. I have many quilt books with poor direction.