Meet Skye!

Hi Everyone! I’m Skye, the Catalog Director for Connecting Threads. I’ve been a maker and artist as long as I can remember, and started sewing at a pretty young age thanks to my mom and grandma. My house was definitely a DIY house growing up! When I was ten I started my first business called Country Cats, which was sewing cat shaped pillows out of vintage fabrics. I made about six and then got distracted by something else so it never really took off, but I’ve loved sewing ever since! In college (I went to Bard) I focused on painting, printmaking and photography (and music and archaeology and, and…) but also made a lot of crazy clothes for myself and my friends.

After school I spent many years as a working artist while trying out different jobs including at a board game company, a children’s museum, an art museum, a hospital and as a deckhand on a big yacht! Along the way I fell in love with design and ended up going to graduate school at MICA (the Maryland Institute College of Art) where I got an MFA in Graphic Design with a focus on surface design and small business. After trying out a lot of types of design, I’ve come to love publication design and fabric design the most. Books, magazines and fabric are some of my favorite things, along cookies, the sea, music and my cat! I’ve worked in both the large, corporate apparel world and the small publishing world.

Some of my fabric designs! The collection is called Short Sands and is inspired by the Pacific Northwest Coast.
A book cover I designed

In my free time I design fabric for apparel with a focus on the kids market, take lots of photos, knit, sew, garden, read and play banjo. I also teach block printing for textiles classes around the Northwest, come join me if you are in the area!

A little cutie wearing a dress in my fabric designs. Sewing pattern from See Kate Sew (Manhattan Blouse).
I love making things inspired by nature! This seagull print worked really well for cute kids pants. I used the Wiksten Baby/Toddler Harem Pant pattern.
Another take on the Manhattan Blouse in one of my fabrics.
Some of my block printed textiles

I love being able to blend so many of my passions into one job and it’s such a joy to get to work with fabric, photography, and design as the Catalog Director! I love all things sewing and knitting and am so thrilled to be here with such wonderful co-workers and contribute to the Connecting Threads world!

A baby quilt I made with my own fabrics on the front. Sewing pattern from Denyse Schmidt (Ship’s Ladder).
With my tiny gal, Coco.


  1. Kathie L - April 23, 2019

    Nice to get to know you. CT is a great company

    • Skye McNeill - April 23, 2019

      Thank you, Kathie! It really is!

  2. Aloma Marker - April 23, 2019

    Sounds exciting and I love Coco

    • Skye McNeill - April 23, 2019

      Aw thank you! She’s a sweetie (and also a lover of quilts!).

  3. Kathy Potts - April 23, 2019

    Welcome Skye and Coco!

    • Skye McNeill - April 23, 2019

      Thank you, Kathy! So nice of you to include Coco. 🙂