Meet Jessica!

Hello! I’m Jessica, the newest member of the team. I’m the production assistant, which means I get jump into lots of roles to help out where needed.

I was born and raised in the Portland metro area, and I’m still here⁠—which apparently makes me some sort of unicorn! I currently live with my partner, my roommate, a ton of houseplants, and this portly fellow:

I’ve always been a creative person so I’ve tried my hand at many different mediums. My creative background led me to explore lots of subjects in college. I graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Graphic design and have freelanced for the last couple of years. I worked with all sorts of brands before joining Connecting Threads!

Nowadays, I sit in front of a keyboard a lot so I always look forward to creating something tactile with my hands, like bookbinding or painting! This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done: a comic about my little monster, Kennedy:

I’m still sniffing out all the cat lovers here, but there seem to be quite a few so far. I can’t wait to see all the pictures of their kitties, but mostly I’m really excited to become part of the Connecting Threads team!


  1. Stephanie - June 20, 2019

    Fun fun. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

    • Donna - October 4, 2019

      Sweet Look and beautiful eyes.. 🐈

  2. Linda Klein - June 20, 2019


  3. Sandy - June 20, 2019

    I love cats!

  4. Gloria - June 20, 2019

    welcome, you are very cute.

  5. Genevieve - June 20, 2019

    So very pretty!!! Love your eyes 😉

  6. Kathy - June 21, 2019

    Welcome Jessica! Love your comic……so like a cat!! And I’m a cat lover as well. The tiger is my favorite animal, but since I can’t have a tiger, I have cats instead! I hope you enjoy your new home at CT and look forward to seeing some of your creations!!

  7. Betsy Pompi - June 22, 2019

    Love Kennedy! Am also a cat lover with two of my own. And your Bio is really interesting as I have a granddaughter who may go down the same road you did. She is only 9 (almost 10) so who can tell? But, welcome aboard and I hope to hear a lot from you.

  8. Louise Yoshihara - October 10, 2019

    Hi Jessica. You are a lovely girl and I agree, you have gorgeous eyes. You also make a great Halloween cat. Welcome.