May Itty Bitty

May IBQ 13

Whether you are working from the May downloadable pattern or the Itty Bitty Quilts book, the construction of the May Itty Bitty is a little more detailed, however, I think you’ll love it! It is so happy and pretty with lots of freedom for variation in color. Here’s a rundown of the tools I used in the building of this quilt

I used flannel for the background, woven fusible for the back, and wool for the appliqué’s.

May IBQ 1

I absolutely love these Omnigrid 1/4″ rulers. They are great for marking lines for HSTs. Draw a diagonal line a 1/4″ to each side of the middle on all As.

May IBQ 2

Layer an A with a D and sew a smidgen to the inside of each drawn line. Cut through the center.

May IBQ 3

Sew two A/D units together. Press. Sew an A/D unit and a B together. Press. Sew the double A/D unit to the A/D/B unit. Press. And, finally, sew C to this unit. Press.

May IBQ 4

Sew the remaining A/D units together. Press. Sew this unit to the unit above. Press.

May IBQ 5

Voilá!!! Lovely, eh?

Template Cutout

Now the fun begins! The wool appliqué! Cut around the bottom side of the handle template. Lay it on the basket block and trace the handle line onto the block.

May IBQ 6

Use this line as a placement guide for appliquéing the handle down.

May IBQ 7

These were my flower choices for the basket until I laid them on the basket. That shade of blue just did not seem to fit with color of the block so I changed it out to…

May IBQ 8

This! A bit of a dark orange. It shows up gold here but it is orange. Using regular thread, I whip stitched down the black oval center and the edge of the top oval that partially lays on the flower.

May IBQ 9

Then the flowers are auditioned on the basket block to determine the best layout color wise.

May IBQ 10

The flowers are then blanket stitched down around the perimeter and the leaves are laid out and whip stitched with regular matching thread.

May IBQ 11

The handle is whip stitched down and then the whole block is quilted. I echo quilted the top and stitched in the ditch on the bottom. I prepared and sewed on the hanging sleeve on the back.

May IBQ 12

Finally, binding is sewn on! All done! I love this block!

May IBQ 13



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  1. Cathy - March 1, 2016

    Cute block. And it looks like that chicken heartily approves!