Lovely Laminate

I just want to share my new found appreciation for our laminate fabric.

I recently made myself a diaper bag (keep your eyes peeled for the pattern in Connecting Threads October catalog). It was just a mock up and I added a removable “soiled goods” bag made from our lovely laminate. For swim lessons, on a Saturday morning, I just grab the laminate bag filled with my son’s swim things – swim diapers, wipes regular diapers, and a cloth that could be used for anything from a change mat to a towel or emergency change of clothes – throw that in my swim bag and head to the pool.

Last Saturday, as I was struggling to dress the boy and myself after the lesson. I suddenly found that his “swim bag” was no longer on the bench, but had fallen – splat- in the middle of a giant puddle.

No problem – everything inside was dry and good to go. I scooped up his bag and continued the battle to dress the 20 month old boy who has far too much energy.

The moral of this story is simple: Connecting Threads lovely laminates saved his clean diapers and we were ready to face the day with fresh pants!


  1. Linda Christianson - May 31, 2013

    I too love laminate but CT selection would not fit into my laundry room theme, I want to line my baskets or did I want a lunch bag in the rain idea. My mom is making a rain cape for great grand niece.

  2. Susan Terpin - May 31, 2013

    I think a rain cape would be super cute in laminate. Great idea. I also like your thinking about lining your baskets with laminate fabric…and a lunch bag…hmmm
    Cheers Sue