Look What We Did!

I am so pleased and proud to be able to show off our first-ever published book Tiny Obsessions! This was a collaborative effort between Connecting Threads and Vicki Bellino and it’s absolutely adorable if I do say so myself! It all started with an idea… Vicki and I were talking about some of her upcoming patterns one day. While we were talking she told me about her newest “obsession” which was making “tiny” English Paper Pieced (EPP) magnets (You can see where the title came from!). I of course exclaimed that they sounded absolutely adorable and she should text me a picture immediately. She did; it was! Then she started coming up with all these other cute miniature projects! We started talking about how it should be a book and how I had been thinking we should publish a book, etc. and so forth. If you have ever met Vicki you will know she is a dynamo! She produces an inordinate amount of projects in the blink of an eye, has the same energy level as my three year old, and thinks and talks in a rapid fire fashion. Our conversations are always all over the place as we start thinking of new ideas and bouncing thoughts off one another. She is never still and her hands are always busy. She is a ton of fun and one of the nicest people I have ever met. It was a REAL chore to work with her 🙂 After our first conversation things moved very quickly. She is involved in so many projects that we had a real short window in which she was free to work on this. So we all rolled up our sleeves, did some research and got to work. Thus was born Tiny Obsessions.

Of course the title leant itself to having the book be more of a booklet size. Plus, the projects are so portable we wanted to make sure the book was small enough to be easily transported with the projects. Whether you are new to English Paper Piecing (EPP), or an old pro, this book is for you. Here are a few of the super cute projects featured in the book. Just one small warning: once you start, be prepared to become obsessed!!

Vicki visited us in early December when we were proofing the book and while she was here we made a video that helped explain the basics of the EPP method she used to make these miniature projects easy to do. To view the video visit our YouTube Channel.

To see more projects by Vicki Bellino, click here. To see products partnered with this book click here.


  1. kattpatt - January 30, 2013

    Very nice job .I hope it sells well.

  2. Stephanie - January 30, 2013

    Totally exciting. Congratulations to everyone.

  3. Linda Christianson - January 30, 2013

    Cute ideas!

  4. Ginger - February 6, 2013

    I can’t wait to get the book. Is there any way you all could list what size paper hexagons are used? That way we can order everything at one time. Thanks so much.