Keep Wishing

Last year when we were asked what we would really like to get for Christmas for our Staff Wish List, I decided to shoot for the moon. I have always heard you should dream big. I really wanted one of the Easy Display Quilt Hangers. They are beautiful and made out of nice quality wood. Well, guess what? I didn’t get it! None of my coworkers bought it for me. Those jerks! Ha ha.

This year I decided not to aim so high; so maybe I will actually get what I want. I am going to fill out the Connecting Threads Wish List and email it to everyone I know, especially to my husband!

Although I still want the Quilt Hanger, I would really love to get one of the new Sew Straight Guide Rulers this year. They have a suction cup so they stick to your acrylic sewing table or insert. I have a quarter inch foot on my machine but once in a while I need a different seam width. Maybe then I will sew accurately! There I go dreaming again. What are you wishing for this year?