June Block: A Year in Stitches

The idea for June’s Year in Stitches block came easy to me. Our back yard in May and June is filled with feathery friends flying to and fro, bathing in the fountain and nesting in the trees (and even in one of my birdhouses!). June’s block was inspired by a scene that took place in our backyard a couple of years ago. The happy bird couple produced three babies and gave us hours of bird watching as the babies emerged from the house one by one and took flight. I look forward to each spring so I can sit and watch these creatures. So now you know where my inspiration for June’s block came from! To get the pitch on the roof that I wanted, I chose paper piecing. Then, appliqué for the birds-and by mistake I was playing around with the flowers I decided to make them dimensional by fusing two layers of fabric and attaching them to the block with a simple French knot. I hope you enjoy making this block. Stop and take a few moments to watch your feathered friends and you will surely get a blessing!