July Little Quilt

7729 July Little Quilt

Hey, ready to gear up for a crackling good time with the July Little Quilt? Ready to infuse your world with lots of Americana revelry? This Little Quilt will do just that with all the opportunities to dip into your red, white, and blue stash, or use what comes with the July Little Quilt Kit; it’s beautiful! “Oh, say can you see, all the lovely hues bright…”

Just to let you know that we do not have any Hometown Summer fabric left. These kits are the last of the collection! A double bonus!

July Little Quilt 1

Here is my selection of fabrics for my July Little Quilt. As you can see they are already cut out, but where are they going in the quilt? I love a mystery and sewing something up in a new way! Hum… I wonder how this is all going to turn out…

July Little Quilt 2

The July Little Quilt actually uses two different Flying Geese methods. This is the first using the 4-in-1 No Math technique. I am building this quilt from the middle out, so this is the beginning of the center star. I REALLY love quilts that have stars, inside of stars, inside of stars…

So all the Bs are marked 1/4″ to the right and left of the center. Then, when I sew them. I stitch about a pencil’s width to the center of the drawn line. This leaves room for the fold and doesn’t let the unit lose size.

July Little Quilt 3

Cut through the middle and voila’, you have two units! Press to the Bs.

July Little Quilt 4

Two more marked Bs are placed in the corners of the Ds and sewn in the same way.

July Little Quilt 5

Then are cut apart through the center and pressed. Now we have four! I did trim off all the “ears”. They bug me 🙂

July Little Quilt 6

Two of the Flying Geese  units just made are sewn to facing sides of the A. Can you see the star taking shape?

July Little Quilt 7

There are two remaining Flying Geese and an E is sewn to facing sides of them.

July Little Quilt 8

Then they are sewn to the emerging star! Yes, I do pin from time-to-time. I really need my seams to match. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over inside with I achieve matching seams <chuckle>.

July Little Quilt 9

My first star!!! Not totally perfect, but darn close!

July Little Quilt 10

Now it’s time for a new Flying Geese method. The first method is my favorite; this one always challenges my skills. Ugh! Well, lets do it! So, mark eight Hs once diagonally. I usually have to have my straight edge slightly to the side of the center to make room for the width of the pen or pencil used. Two Hs are used for each L. Lay an H on one end of the L with the drawn line facing the direction as shown. This part is very important.

July Little Quilt 11

Stitch about a pencils width to the corner side of the line. This is also so important if you want your Flying Geese to turn out perfect.

July Little Quilt 12

Cut the corner off leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance behind. Press away from the center.

July Little Quilt 13

Repeat for the other side and you have one done. Another reason I prefer the first method is that it doesn’t waste any fabric. Yeah, that’s the ticket!!! Oh, just a hint… when I sew the second H on, I start the stitch about a 1/8″ inside the line and then I back stitch to the edge and then move forward again. This stabilizes the two pieces while on top of the thick joint so the H is not pulled, stretched, or misplaced. I think that is why this particular method is so difficult to do.

July Little Quilt 14

A total of four is needed. Don’t they look pretty?! Love what I’m seeing so far!

July Little Quilt 15

Now we are building the C/E units. They will end up as 4-Patches. Chain piecing is the easiest for me.

July Little Quilt 16

Got ’em all done and their ready to be sewn into pairs!

July Little Quilt 17

Take two, turning one 180°, line up the seams, pin and sew. You’ll need four, 4-Patches.

July Little Quilt 18

Sew two of the Flying Geese just made to facing sides of the star! Oh, adding that red is making me excited! Am loving it!

July Little Quilt 19

Now, sew the 4-Patches to facing ends of the remaining two Flying Geese. Be aware to turn the 4-Patches so they look like the picture, or the design will not look right.

July Little Quilt 20

Sew the last two units made to facing sides of the center unit. Now we are half done! A few more stars to go and we’ll be done! That is for next time. The second half of this tutorial will go up July 6th! See you then!




  1. Stephanie - June 22, 2015

    Very cute. I really love making patriotic quilts I especially like the fabric with the writing on it. Cheers!

    • Mari - June 22, 2015

      Thanks Stephanie! I’m glad you like it!

  2. Mary Alice - June 22, 2015

    I love this quilt Mari! Great fabrics! Can’t wait to get my kit!

    • Mari - June 22, 2015

      Oh, Mary Alice, I’m so glad you love the fabrics and quilt. I do to very much!

  3. Susie Rose - June 22, 2015

    I LOVE the sawtooth star and it’s variations.

    • Mari - June 22, 2015

      Me too Susie Rose! Wahoo! I think we got a winner here! Thank you for your feedback!

      • Susie Rose - June 22, 2015

        There’s so many things that you can do with the centers of the sawtooth stars!

        • Mari - June 23, 2015

          I know! It’s hard to stop playing with them!!!

  4. Becky - June 22, 2015

    Loving this pattern, along with the fabric! Can’t wait to get this one done.

    • Mari - June 22, 2015

      Becky, I am so glad you like it! You just can’t go wrong with stars and red, white, and blue!

  5. Marcie - June 22, 2015

    Love this pattern. What size is it and how much is the kit?

    • Mari - June 23, 2015

      Marcie, its 16-1/2″ square and is only $6.95! What a deal, eh?!

  6. Linda - June 23, 2015

    Love the look of your stars. Would be a nice block to use in a veterans quilt.

  7. Amanda Best - June 26, 2015

    Very cute mini quilt, Mari! I have loved looking at them all!