January Little Quilt ~ Stage 2


This weekend I worked on my January Little Quilt and finished it minus the binding. I decided to accentuate the diagonal feature of the design by quilting it diagonally. I sure was tempted to cross-hatch the whole thing, but really love just the diagonal quilting now.


The 4-Patches and Half Square Triangles (HSTs) were a snap to complete.


The challenge was sewing them all together correctly, so I laid them out for a quick view as to how they need to be turned when sewing them. At this point it would have been a great idea to take a picture for reference when they were being sewn, but I didn’t.


To keep each row straight I used a piece of paper to isolate each row in the pattern when sewing the blocks together. It’s quite easy for me to get a block turned the wrong way.


That worked pretty well, so I moved on to the second row and worked through the rows in this manner.


All the rows are sewn together now and pressed.


I sewed two rows together at a time and then sewed each of the double row units together.


As you can see, with all my efforts to keep things straight, I still sewed the remaining row on wrong.


I had sewn it to the wrong end. So I removed it and re-sewed it back on and finally, a perfect center!!! Wahoo!


The border strips were sewn together and then to facing sides of the quilt.


The top and bottom border strips were sewn together and the cornerstones were added to them. Then, they are put on the top and bottom of the quilt. Ready to quilt!


All that’s left is the binding. Next weeks post!


  1. Kathleen - January 12, 2015

    Oh boy, Mari! I didn’t expect you’d take us this far this week! I better get busy!
    Did you use the leftover fabric for the backing?

    • Mari - January 12, 2015

      Oh, yes Kathleen! There is plenty of fabric left over for backing! Enjoy the process as you have a whole month to complete it!

  2. Kathy - January 23, 2015

    How do I get the instructions to make these little quilts? I’m getting back into quilting after many years.I have tons of fabrics and would love to make these cute quilts. No time or need for large quilts right now.

    • Mari - January 26, 2015

      Hello Kathy! How exciting you are considering quilting again! You’re in for some fun! Go to the Connecting Threads webside: connectingthreads.com and if you want just the downloadable pattern search for the number 910061D. If you want the Kit look with the number 7223. Enjoy!