It’s National Quilting Month!

Guess what – it’s our month! A whole month dedicated to the craft we love, quilting.

When are you going to get a better excuse to set aside all of those other projects around the house and quilt instead? We hope that you will take advantage of this month’s celebration of quilting and make time to enjoy the craft we all adore so much. Pull out that project from the depths of your closet, put the binding on that quilt that has been hanging on your bannister for over a month, start something new, or even just spend some time cleaning up your sewing space so that you can get to your sewing machine! Take this month and instead of saying “I’ll get to this eventually”, put everything else aside and make the time now.

Okay so that may be my list of things that I’m finally going to work on…but I know you all have lists too! I admit I’m kind of bossy, but you could even use that as an excuse!  I can hear it now “I can’t do the dishes, it’s quilting month and Teri told me to get in my sewing area and get to work.” Go ahead and have a guilt free month of quilting – you deserve it!

To celebrate this fabulously fun quilting month, we are bringing our March Madness sales back! You may have already noticed that for the month of March, select solid and mirage fabrics are 50% off, and that select thread sets are 40% off. While these savings are great, we will be having even more exciting weekly sales, too!  If you want access to these additional savings, make sure you sign up for our emails because these deals won’t be advertised anywhere else. 

Happy quilting!


  1. Susan - March 1, 2012

    I really enjoy your e-mails, videos, and suggestions.
    It is hard for me to get your catalog and not order something! Thanks

  2. Katie - March 1, 2012

    I’m not sure I know any quilters who need much prompting to quilt instead of doing housework – you may have created a monster with this post! (Which I just may print out and hand to my hubby for reference later this month when not a single dish or piece of clothing is clean any more…)

  3. Linda K - March 1, 2012

    I’m an avid quilter who focuses on Quilts of Valor. Connecting Threads is the first place I turn to when I’m running low on supplies. Love that Essential Thread!

  4. Trudy Lindemann - March 1, 2012

    I was just telling DH that I will probably need to purchase more thread soon! I guess my timing couldn’t be better!
    As far as working on quilts, I need to get two customer quilts finished first, then I can start focusing on finishing up some UFO’s!

  5. Amanda - March 1, 2012

    Yay, quilting month again! Yet another great reason to sew rather than clean!

  6. Kathy Biggs - March 2, 2012

    ……Hum….I thought EVERY month around here was quilting month. Guess it’s good to have it OFFICIAL and national. Thanks for the sales! LOL

  7. Annette Boersma - March 4, 2012

    Quilting Month! Yay! (Do you think my husband will believe me that it’s for the greater good if I just quilt all month?)